Insurers must thoroughly investigate each and every claim they receive. An accurate investigation of damages will reveal every area in which the claimant deserves compensation. However, an accurate assessment doesn’t always occur. For one, insurance adjusters may not perform a completely thorough investigation, skimming over areas or damages that may call for compensation. Insurance companies can also outright deny a claim without a valid reason or even fail to respond to a claim in a timely manner. All of these scenarios constitute insurance bad faith, which calls for qualified advocacy.

Recognizing a valid dispute can be challenging for natural disaster victims. When your insurance company fails to compensate you fully, your health and your future could be at risk. You need an advocate on your side that can recognize a valid dispute and fight back. Depending on the type of policy you have, a successful first party insurance claim can take care of all your damages. As a policyholder who is regularly paying monthly premiums, you deserve the coverage in your policy. If you believe you are being denied deserved benefits, call our Tampa insurance claims attorneys.

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