Arriving at a Fair Parenting Time Arrangement

Divorce or separation can be challenging and difficult, especially for parents. Being a part of your child’s life is undoubtedly very important to you. When two parents get a divorce, a child visitation agreements, also referred to as a “parenting plan,” must be crafted. It is very important to adhere to the visitation agreement, as a refusal of visitation rights or violation of a plan can be grounds for reevaluation or modification of custody.

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Ensuring Visitation Agreements Honor Your Best Interests

In any divorce, children are the most important people. All decisions are made in their best interests. Still, it is important to understand that parents have the right to participate in their children’s upbringing. That is why our team of Tampa family law attorneys want to ensure that your rights are upheld. While the judge will aim to protect your child’s best interests, we aim to protect yours, as well as honor theirs. Every step of your case—from the initial consultation all the way through trial—will be handled with professionalism and skill.

What else can you expect from us?

  • Every attorney is either board-certified or supervised by a board-certified attorney.
  • A team fully prepared to investigate every aspect of your case
  • Skilled negotiators and tough defenders when necessary
  • Decades of collective experience and insight on visitation matters

Our goal is to cooperate with the other side, but if teamwork is impossible, we have the litigation skills and confidence in the courtroom that you can count on.

How Are Parenting Plans Decided On?

The Florida courts will take a range of different factors into consideration when trying to come up with a viable parenting plan / visitation agreement. If both parents can come to agreement on a visitation schedule, the court will simple need to review and approve it.

When making your parenting plan, keep the following in mind:

  • The age of your child can determine the length of visits
  • In most cases, children will stay together rather than be split between parents
  • The court prefers both parents to be given adequate time with a child
  • You should cover holidays, summer break, vacations, school days, and week days

There is no standard schedule for time-sharing in Florida, which means you and the other parent will need to come up with a solution that works for you both or trust that your attorney can convince the judge of a better visitation agreement. If you have been refused visitation, or if you need to discuss your options, our experience and familiarity with Florida child custody laws enables us to help. Turn to our Tampa visitation lawyers now.

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Florida child visitation law is quite complex and confusing. Successful navigation of visitation matters calls for a compassionate, skilled, and understanding legal professional. Our divorce attorneys can handle any questions you might have. With a team of experienced lawyers and paralegals, we are always available to support you throughout your case when you come to us. We are dedicated to protecting you and your family, and we will always aggressively uphold your rights. Your children are important to you and our team, and we want to help smooth the way through this difficult time.

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