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There is nothing more serious than family law matters. Whether it’s your marriage, children, or property on the line, all of these issues have significant legal, financial, and personal repercussions. Your future and the future of your family depend on serious legal counsel from a divorce lawyer on our team.

The difference between our close-knit firm and other large, impersonal law firms is that we will offer you the support, consideration, and other legal services you need during this challenging time. We have the experience and the expertise to guide you through the murky waters of your family law case and help you achieve a positive outcome.

We recognize the tremendous impact that decisions regarding custodysupport, and property division can have on your life, which is why we give these matters the weight and attention they deserve. Our Tampa Family Law Attorneys are here to guide you to the best possible outcome.

We Help Families Get Serious Results

When you work with our Tampa family law attorneys, you’ll quickly find that you can depend on us to provide objective and informed guidance based on your unique situation. We take the time to listen to and understand your needs, your concerns, and your goals.

It’s time to get serious. Learn more about your family law rights by contacting us here.

We handle all types of Family Law matters in Tampa, including:

Alimony – As an experienced divorce alimony law firm, we have assisted clients in reaching fair alimony settlements for decades. You may feel you aren’t being treated fairly in your divorce proceedings and should be earning more in spousal support. That’s the time for a confidential consultation with Robert Sparks Attorneys to help determine your best options.

Child Abuse – If you believe that your child may be the victim of abuse, it’s your responsibility as their parent to seek out ways to protect your child and ensure that they are safe. In many cases, this may involve contacting a lawyer in order to secure the protection they need.

Child Custody – Children are the most important part of any family dynamic and any divorce should focus on providing the best situation achievable. The Family Law Lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys believe your children are served best by having you in their lives as frequently as possible.

Child Support – We are here to help you and your children transition to your new family arrangement. One way we are prepared to do this is by helping you secure a fair child support arrangement.

Contempt of Court – If you have been found in contempt of court or you need to enforce an order against someone else, contact our Family Law Attorneys today.

Divorce – The Family Law Professionals at Robert Sparks Attorneys use cooperative solutions to help families reach a divorce agreement as soon as possible, without involving Florida courts and avoiding the expense of a long, drawn-out divorce process.  For some couples, reaching an agreement will be impossible without court intervention. We stand by our clients during contested divorce proceedings when they may feel the most isolated and vulnerable.

Domestic violence – Heated disputes over divorce, child custody, and asset allocation far too often lead to physical violence and threats. Once you’ve alerted Florida law enforcement about harm or the threat of harm to you or a family member, talk with our dedicated Domestic Abuse Lawyers. We work with the court system to obtain a Florida “order of protection” to safeguard you and your family.

Enforcement of Court Orders – If you find yourself in a situation where you need to enforce a family law agreement or protect yourself from enforcement, you need a Tampa family law attorney on your side.

Modifications – You have the option, after entering into a family law agreement, to petition for a modification to that agreement if there has been a substantial change in circumstances.

Parental Relocation – If either parent is considering moving the primary residence of the child, it is very important to consult with a Family Attorney that deals with the relocation of children to ensure that the proper channels are followed.

Paternity – Establishing legal paternity is a key component when it comes to child custody and child support agreements. Determining paternity establishes rights and responsibilities for the legal father, while also allotting rights and benefits for the child.

Property division – Property division is an essential part of the divorce proceedings. These cases become more complex, generally, the longer the marriage is and the more assets and debts are involved. The Tampa property division lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys are prepared to handle even the most complex asset division cases.

Restraining orders – Domestic violence is a serious issue that affects countless Americans, but no matter how powerful your abuser may seem it’s important to understand your rights and ability to protect yourself and your family. If you feel threatened, hurt, or afraid, you need to take action to protect yourself and anyone else whose safety you fear for.

Visitation – Robert Sparks Attorneys is dedicated to serving families in Tampa communities and we are capable of addressing a wide variety of family legal matters, including visitation. We aim to serve you and ensure you are protected and that your voice is heard during the end of your marriage, and we are especially concerned with making sure you can be the best parent you can be following divorce.

Robert Sparks Attorneys: Our Core Philosophy

At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we operate on a simple philosophy: the client comes first. We know that family law is one that is burdened with emotional difficulties, social problems, and extreme uncertainty. This is not an impersonal area of the law – it’s your life.

With such an empathetic understanding of what our clients are experiencing, we’ve made it our ultimate goal to help ease our client’s minds through all stages of the case. We encourage collaborative divorce and always work toward creating an environment that fosters collaboration to help ease anxiety and soothe otherwise turbulent emotions.

We, however, also recognize that this level of cooperation is not always possible. In these cases, we readily take up the mantle as protector of our clients and work tirelessly to ensure that their rights are defended. Our firm is here to provide not only kind and compassionate legal guidance, but also stand by your side with aggressive and effective protection.

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When you are searching for an attorney to help with your family law matter, you want more than just an expert who can provide you with legal information. You want an advocate who will take time to fully understand your situation, your feelings, and your goals. You deserve a family lawyer who cares about your future and is personally invested in your case.

We are confident that you will find the support you need for your family law matter at Robert Sparks Attorneys, and that you will come to see why our firm was named as one of the “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News.

U.S. News and Best Lawyers have joined forces to compile the leading survey of lawyers worldwide, and our legal team at Robert Sparks Attorneys is proud to be listed as one of the top firms in Florida. Both clients and other lawyers contributed their opinions about our firm and evaluated us on our level of expertise, responsiveness, cost-effectiveness and civility.

We are proud of what we have accomplished for our clients in the past, and we are excited about the opportunity of providing you with the superior legal counsel you deserve.

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Every family law matter is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that can fit a family’s needs. At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we tailor our legal counsel to each client and case.

From negotiating the division of property in an amicable divorce to fighting for a parent’s custody rights in court, we deliver the serious, uncompromising counsel that helps us secure outcomes that meet far more than immediate needs – they pave the way for your future. If you’re seeking legal advice regarding the divorce or dissolution of marriage, schedule a consultation.

It’s time to get serious about your family law case. 

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