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Family law cases can become even more complex with the added element of domestic violence. This is a heartbreaking reality known to many families in the United States. Whether you or your children are the subjects of domestic abuse, or you have been falsely accused of domestic abuse, Robert Sparks Attorneys is here to ensure that you get fair treatment in your family law case.

How Domestic Abuse Allegations Can Affect Your Case

Allegations of domestic violence can drastically alter your divorce or other family law agreement. If you and your children’s other parent are not together, and you want to retain custody or visitation rights, an abuse allegation can result in those rights being taken away. You may even be issued a restraining order.

If you are a victim…

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, we encourage you to contact the authorities right away. Abuse and threats of abuse are extremely serious and should be handled by law enforcement. For allegations of abuse with merit, law enforcement will notify the family courts.

If you have been falsely accused…

You should not take these allegations lightly. Because of the severity of domestic violence, all claims are taken seriously, even false ones. You can contest domestic violence allegations so that your children and other rights (pertaining to family law) are not taken away from you.

Family Law & Domestic Abuse

In Florida, the legal term for a restraining order is “injunction for protection against domestic violence.” An experienced Tampa domestic violence lawyer from our law firm can help you acquire an order of protection if someone in your family is abusing you or another family member. These laws are in place to protect you and people who are in your situation, and we are very familiar with the fastest and best ways to obtain a restraining order against whomever is perpetrating violence against you or your loved ones.

Contacting Robert Sparks Attorneys

Our only goal is your safety and happiness, and however we can help you achieve that, we will. Our Tampa domestic abuse attorneys have many years of combined experience in all levels of legal practice regarding domestic abuse and family law in Florida. We want to help you through this difficult time. We will stand up for you and your rights throughout your association with us, and it is our ultimate goal that you are completely satisfied with our time together.

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