Overloaded / Unbalanced Trucks

Truck Accident Lawyer in Tampa, FL

Driving in close proximity to a semi-truck or tractor-trailer can be unsettling in any scenario, but imagine driving behind or next to such a truck that is overloaded or has cargo that is not properly balanced or secured. The chances of an accident are increased, even if the truck driver is competent and responsible. Add potential distractions, heavy weather or mechanical failure, and you have a truly hazardous situation. At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we are familiar with these hazards and why they occur. We represent people who have been injured in truck accidents involving cargo issues, helping them seek justice.

Tampa truck accident lawyer at our firm can offer insight as it applies to your case, specifically if trucking regulations were violated or the driver or trucking company were negligent in some way. Negligence, illegal activity, and misconduct may mean that the truck driver or trucking company can be held legally responsible for your injuries if they are serious or permanent. With our attorneys’ experience and the resources to investigate accident causes, we are confident in our ability to hold all responsible parties accountable.

Dangers Presented by Overloaded Trucks

Depending on the type of truck, engine size, trailer and other specifics, a vehicle will only be able to carry a certain amount of cargo. If this cargo exceeds weight or size limits, it can put too much stress on various vehicle systems (ex: brakes), causing them to malfunction. It can also affect a truck’s maneuverability, particularly in emergency situations or when road or weather conditions are less than ideal.

An overloaded commercial truck will take longer to stop and may be less responsive to turning than a properly loaded vehicle. It may even be prone to tipping over or jackknifing during an otherwise safe or standard maneuver. Even a driver who has years of experience behind the wheel may be unable to safely control a truck that is carrying too-heavy or too-large cargo.

Truck drivers and companies have an obligation to comply with state and federal weight and size limits and cargo regulations. If they violate these rules, they may face fines and citations. If they cause accidents as a result of these violations, they may also be held liable in civil court.

Unbalanced Cargo and Tampa Truck Accidents

In addition to remaining within weight and size limits, cargo must be properly balanced and secured. If cargo is unbalanced, it may shift during transport, affecting the maneuverability of a commercial truck. This shifting may be sudden or gradual. If it is sudden, the truck risks the chance of tipping or rolling over while making a normally safe turn or other maneuver. Even if it is gradual, the truck driver may have trouble controlling the vehicle.

When truck cargo is unbalanced or a truck is overloaded, the person or company that holds the responsibility of properly loading the truck may be held legally responsible. It can be difficult to bring a claim for such wrongdoing against a driver or trucking company, particularly if the company has considerable resources to counter such claim. Our lawyers are confident in taking legal action against even the largest trucking companies in the U.S. We believe in fighting for our clients’ rights and do not hesitate to take whatever approach will yield the best result in their cases – whether this is through negotiations or courtroom litigation.

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