Tampa Crosswalk Accident Lawyer

Were You Seriously Injured While Crossing The Street?

Reckless drivers are among the largest threats pedestrians face every day – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that about 129,000 pedestrians required emergency care after being hit by an oncoming vehicle in 2015, and 5,376 pedestrians were fatally injured in vehicle accidents according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report (PDF).

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Crosswalks are supposed to guarantee safety for people looking to cross the street, and when that safety is violated by a reckless driver you deserve the chance to fight for the justice you deserve. Our Tampa crosswalk accident attorneys at Robert Sparks Attorneys have dedicated their careers to providing injured victims with the knowledgeable and passionate legal representation they need to secure the compensation they deserve. Contact us today to learn what we can do to help you.

Florida Laws Protecting Pedestrians

Florida Statute 316.130 outlines protections for pedestrians crossing the street. As is the case in other states across the nation, pedestrians have the right of way when the traffic control signal indicates that they are permitted to cross the street. Any vehicles waiting at the intersection must wait for the pedestrian to at least exit the half of the roadway the vehicle is traveling on before driving forwards. At crossing points where there are no traffic control signals, drivers must yield the right of way to pedestrians using a crosswalk when the pedestrian is on the same half of the roadway the vehicle is traveling on.

Hire An Attorney Who Understands What It Takes

At Robert Sparks Attorneys, our Tampa crosswalk accident lawyers have spent their careers fighting for injured victims in the courtroom and at the negotiation table. If you were seriously injured by a reckless driver while crossing the street, we may be able to help you put together a plan of action that will put you in the best position possible to secure the compensation you need to recover and comfortably move on to the next phase of your life.

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