Modification of Child Custody

File a Petition for Modification of Child Custody in Florida

We understand that it is important to maintain stability in your children’s lives to avoid emotional trauma or feelings of instability, but sometimes modifying a custody agreement is necessary. The need for a custody modification can be more urgent than other types of modification, especially if one parent feels that his or her children may be in danger. No matter your case, the sooner you act the better.

Robert Sparks Attorneys has been advocating for clients for numerous years. Our Tampa child custody lawyers have decades of collective experience that we can use to guide you through your case. When you need to modify a child custody order, do not hesitate to call on our firm.

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What Is Needed for a Modification?

In order to modify a child custody agreement, there are several factors that must be present.

The two key factors that must be present for a modification include:

  • A substantial change in circumstances
  • The need to protect the best interests of the child

If your circumstances have changed and you need to modify your custody agreement, speak with a child custody attorney at our firm as soon as possible to discuss your options. Your child’s well-being is our first priority, and our team has experience working on countless custody modification cases.

Securing a Child Custody Modification

Florida courts are generally hesitant to change custody agreements once they have been set in place unless it can be proven that the changes are within the best interests of the child’s life, happiness, and well-being. For example, if the primary residence of the child has become an environment of abuse, whether it is verbal, sexual, physical, or emotional, this can be grounds to change the custody to a safer and more stable environment. You can also fight to modify both legal and physical custody.

The court will generally consider the following valid reasons for a modification:

  • Lack of traditional family environment for a child
  • An increase in the child’s age and maturity
  • A major change in one parent’s monthly income
  • The relocation or move of one of the parents
  • Violence, abuse, or sexual assault by one parent or a member of the current household
  • Refusal to honor the custody agreement by the custodial parent

There are numerous other factors that may qualify as a valid reason to modify a custody agreement, so do not hesitate to reach out to our firm to discuss your situation.

Keeping Your Child’s Best Interests in Mind

Our Tampa child custody lawyers always have your child’s best interests at heart. Together, we can help you arrive at a better custody arrangement for yourself and your children. It is important that you understand the process behind modifying a custody agreement, as the courts always look at the best interests of the child.

We have worked in the field of child custody and custody modification for years, and we have the experience necessary to help familiarize you with the procedure that you will be undertaking. We are also always ready to aggressively defend your rights and those of your children. We believe that children should be protected and helped, and we will work with you toward that goal.

Trust Your Custody Case to Our Tampa Family Lawyers

When it comes down to it, your child is the most important thing you in your life. Whether you are fighting to get custody modified to protect your child or believe you have developed as a parent and deserve more time with your child, Robert Sparks Attorneys is on your side. We have a firm grasp of the laws and legal steps surrounding child custody modification and can use our knowledge to assist with your case.

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