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Were You Seriously Injured By A Falling Object?

Construction is one of the largest industries in cities all across America, and while the expansion of apartment buildings, corporate offices, etc. comes with a great number of benefits, passersby and workers on the site need to take care to avoid falling objects. No matter what object fell, whether it was an unsecured item, piece of construction material, tool, etc., if you suffered a serious injury you deserve the chance to fight for compensation.

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If you were seriously injured by a falling object, you may be able to file a lawsuit in order to fight for and recover the compensation you need to cover the costs of medical bills and other damages you incurred. At Robert Sparks Attorneys, our Tampa premises liability attorneys have spent their careers providing injured victims with the passionate and knowledgeable representation they deserve, and have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. Contact us today to tell us all about your situation.

Falling Objects To Look Out For

Any object can cause serious damage to people walking below if it falls from a great enough height. Some common injuries include paralysis, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and more. In many cases, injuries are caused by these types of items:

  • Bricks from high-rise buildings
  • Items placed on ledges or balconies
  • Collapsing tower cranes
  • Tools and heavy equipment placed on an elevated construction site
  • Objects thrown out of windows

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