Modification of Child Support

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In Florida, either parent may petition for modification of child support so long as the change in child support requested amounts to 15% or $50 (whichever amount is greater) according to § 61.30(b) of the Florida Statutes. Child support modifications are requested and granted primarily on the basis of “a substantial change in circumstances.”

The support agreement that once worked for you may no longer be sustainable. Whether you need to file for a support modification or you are responding to a child support modification petition by contesting it, Robert Sparks Attorneys is here for you. With our Board Certified family lawyers on staff, you can trust our knowledge of Florida family law to secure you the best possible result.

How the State Determines “Substantial Change”

The state will consider a few different factors when determining if there is a substantial change of circumstances that warrants a modification. Some include:

  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Disability
  • Other state/federal benefits
  • Health

One common reason a parent will petition for a child support modification is if they lose their Job or experience a substantial pay cut. On the other hand, parents with primary custody can petition for an increase in child support if their child develops a health condition requiring additional medical care.

Filing the Petition

Parents who file a petition to modify child support are required to notify the other party in the case by way of a supplemental petition. The recipient has 20 days to respond to the petition. After this, there are three possible scenarios:

  1. The case goes into default
  2. The petition is uncontested
  3. The case is contested

Default is when the other party fails to respond within 20 days. Uncontested is when the respondent agrees with the petition, and contested is when the respondent files a counter-petition because they do not agree with the request for child support modification.

Contacting Robert Sparks Attorneys

Our law firm represents clients on both sides of child support modification cases. In any case, we work with our clients as well as the other party involved to achieve an amicable resolution. Our goal is to secure the best possible result for you and your family as quickly and smoothly as possible. To learn more about how our Tampa family law firm can help you, call us today.