Contempt of Court

Enforcing a Family Court Order

If an individual is found in contempt of court, the court could enforce the order. “Contempt” simply means that a party has refused or neglected to comply with a court order. Contempt of court cases are most common in child support and alimony cases. If you have been found in contempt of court or you need to enforce an order against someone else, contact Robert Sparks Attorneys today.

Responses to Contempt of Court

What happens to an individual who is found in contempt of court? There are a few different responses. Ultimately, the judge decides which route to take. Some include:

  • Wage Garnishments – The court may decide to withhold wages from the party who is in contempt of court until they resume making court-ordered payments.
  • Property Liens – A property lien is similar to something a creditor would do if you fall behind on your mortgage payments. When there is a lien on a property, the owner cannot sell or refinance.
  • Monetary Judgments – The court may order an individual to pay a fine in addition to back-due support/alimony payments.
  • Suspended License – The court reserves the right to suspend driver’s licenses and other professional licenses until these debts are paid.

If you need to enforce a family court order…

We invite you to contact us today. These types of issues are time-sensitive. We understand that without alimony or child support, you may be in a tight financial situation. Robert Sparks Attorneys is here to help you enforce a court order so that the other party upholds their end of the agreement.

If you are found in contempt of court…

Our firm also represents individuals who are facing enforcement actions and/or who have been found in contempt of court. There are a number of reasons why this may have happened to you. Maybe you fell behind on your payments simply because you forgot, or maybe you are struggling financially in which case we may be able to discuss a modification. Whatever the case, we are prepared to help you seek a favorable outcome.

Discuss Contempt of Court with a Tampa Family Lawyer

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