Tampa Birth Injury Attorney

Just Compensation for Victims of Medical Negligence

At Robert Sparks Attorneys, our legal team never wavers from our dedication to seeking full financial compensation for clients with children injured during labor or delivery. Our purpose is that the parents receive the compensation they need to give the child:

  • Medical care,
  • Hospitalization,
  • Surgery,
  • Rehabilitation, and any extra care required so that the child can live a normal life.

If your child has a birth defect, you are urged to contact a seasoned attorney knowledgeable in birth injury litigation.

Birth injuries can be largely prevented by correct medical care; a preventable injury to a newborn may therefore constitute medical malpractice. When prescribing drugs for the mother, it is vital that the doctor make sure that they will not affect the baby. Antidepressants, in particular, have been known to cause birth defects in babies. This describes a situation wholly different from birth injury. Birth injuries are injuries incurred during labor or delivery, while birth defects can have genetic causes or be the result of substance (drugs or alcohol) use during pregnancy.

The doctor must also anticipate birth difficulties and perform a timely Cesarean Section. For example, if the mother has a small or irregular pelvis, it is possible the baby will be stuck in the birth canal and cut off from oxygen – this can result in hypoxia that can lead to brain injury. Babies forced to go through a breech birth can suffer nerve damage to the shoulder as the baby struggles through the birth canal. Where doctors misapply the use of forceps, a baby may suffer facial paralysis.

Contact a Knowledgeable Birth Injury Lawyer in Tampa

When we get involved in a birth injury case, we make a thorough investigation of the birth. We also consult medical experts to establish liability and learn what treatment and extra case the baby will need. Then, we will approach the insurance company and energetically seek to reach a fair settlement. Should the company refuse to do what is right, we are fully prepared to go to court to seek justice for the baby. We urge you to contact our Tampa birth injury attorneys now so we can get on the job of investigating the birth. The sooner we are involved, the sooner we can fight for your best interests.