E-Bike Accidents

Tampa E-Bike Accident Attorneys 

E-bikes are growing in popularity across the country in recent years. Unfortunately, the more people ride e-bikes, the more often an e-bike accident occurs.

If you were injured in an e-bike accident while riding around the streets and bike paths of Tampa and the surrounding region, our team of e-bike accident lawyers from Robert Sparks Attorneys want to know about it. We are currently hearing from e-bicyclists who have been hurt in a variety of e-bike accidents. Each case we take is handled carefully by a dedicated team of legal professionals to pursue the maximum amount of compensation available.

Damages you may be able to include in your e-bike accident claim include:

  • Medical costs including hospitalization and rehabilitation
  • Wages you lost due to time spent recovering from your injuries
  • Cost to replace or repair your damaged e-bike
  • Pain and emotional suffering caused by the accident

At Robert Sparks Attorneys of Tampa, there is no such thing as a small claim. We manage every case with a dedication to our clients that is unsurpassed. We stand up for our clients, we go to court and we get serious results.

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What is an E-Bike?

Any bicycle with an electric motor used to help propel the bicycle is considered an e-bike. Most e-bikes will automatically assist the bicyclist when riding uphill by putting more power behind each pedal rotation, making it possible to traverse steep terrain without tiring. Some e-bikes actually have a hand pedal on the handlebar that can be manually pressed, activating the electronic motor on-demand. When traveling under the power of an e-bike’s electric motor, a bicyclist can typically reach speeds ranging between 15 and 25 miles per hour depending on the make, model, and brand of e-bike.

Who is Liable for Your E-Bike Accident?

Our law firm represents e-bike riders who have been hurt in accidents at no fault of their own. As such, a crucial first step is understanding which party is the root cause of your e-bike accident.

Liable parties in e-bike accident claims may be:

  • Motorists: Perhaps the greatest danger to an e-bicyclist on the roads of Tampa are motorists in full-sized vehicles. Just as it is with typical bicycle accidents, an e-bike accident can be caused by a negligent motorist refusing to share the road with an e-bicyclist. Some motorists do not even see an e-bike in the lane next to them because they are absentmindedly looking for a larger vehicle, like a truck or sedan.
  • Pedestrians: Negligent pedestrians can also put e-bicyclists at serious risk of an accident and injury by not paying attention while walking down the street or shopping. For example, in areas that permit e-bikes on sidewalks, pedestrians must be careful while exiting storefronts that have a door that swings outward. Otherwise, they could strike an e-bike rider as they leave.
  • E-bike manufacturers: We are also interested in investigating e-bike accident claims that originate from an e-bike defect. Faulty brakes and electric motors could cause even the most experienced e-bike rider to get into an accident. If you were riding an e-bike and the engine overpowered itself out of your control, or the brakes failed to bring you safely to a halt, let us know.

Trial Attorneys Willing to Fight for You

At Robert Sparks Attorneys in Tampa, we know that defendants in e-bike claims are often resistant to offering any sort of financial support to the victim. They would rather fight every bit of a claim than admit to a shred of liability because they know it means they have to pay for their wrongdoing. Knowing as much, we prepare each case we work on as if it will go to trial.

Our award-winning team of trial attorneys are serious about the cases they represent from the first time they pick up your call to the moment you are satisfied with your case result,

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