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Were Your Injuries Caused By a Defective Product?

As consumers, we trust that our new product, whether it’s a baby crib, a car, a kitchen appliance or anything else, will be safe for us to use as intended. Unfortunately, defective products injure millions of people every year and kill thousands more. No matter what type of product injured you, you deserve the chance to fight for the compensation you need to cover any damages, losses, or medical bills you may have incurred.

If you were seriously injured or lost a loved one due to a defective product, experienced legal representation can help you navigate your way through your case. At Robert Sparks Attorneys, our Tampa product liability attorneys are committed to providing our clients with the knowledgeable legal guidance and support they require in their time of need. Contact us today to tell us about your situation, and begin planning your next steps.

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Understanding the Laws that Protect Your Rights

Product liability law was established to protect consumers from damage caused by products, and refers to the liability of any or all parties along the chain of manufacture. The products addressed in product liability lawsuits contain inherent defects that cause harm to the consumer of a product, and may include intangibles (gas), real estate (house), naturals (pets), and writings (navigation) in addition to tangible products.

If you have been injured by a defective product, you may be able to file a product liability claim based on strict liability, negligence, or breach of warranty of fitness. There is no federal products liability law, and statutory provisions will differ from state to state. Regardless of your jurisdiction, you must be able to prove that the product is defective in one or more of these areas: design, manufacturing, and marketing.

  • Manufacturing Defect: This means that the product became defective during the manufacturing process, and would not have posed a risk of harm if it had been manufactured properly.
  • Design Defect: This refers to a defect inherent in the product, meaning that even if it was manufactured perfectly, it would have still posed a risk of consumer injury.
  • Marketing Defect: Alternatively called “failure to warn,” a marketing defect describes a product that is dangerous because consumers were not properly warned of its risks.

Product liability claims also do not depend on the degree of negligence or carelessness by the defendant. Even if the manufacturer exercised great care to ensure product safety and did all the appropriate testing, they will still be liable if there is a defect in their product that causes harm. With the help of a product liability lawyer in Tampa, you can begin building a case to support your product defect claim. Call Robert Sparks Attorneys today.

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