Misdiagnosis & Medical Malpractice Claims

Possibly one of the most common types of medical malpractice is also the one that goes most unrecognized as a serious issue. Failing to diagnose an individual properly or coming up with a misdiagnosis for their medical condition can be life-altering. It has been estimated by researchers that 5-15% of people have been a victim of some form of misdiagnosis in their lifetime.

Nearly 9 million people are affected in a negative way each year by misdiagnosis, with some individuals retaining permanent injuries. With these staggering numbers, it is vital that if you or a loved one has dealt with a wrong diagnosis at the hands of a negligent physician that you contact a qualified Tampa medical malpractice lawyer immediately.

Common Errors in Diagnosing Patients

When you visit your doctor, it is expected that he or she will give you the best possible treatment they can as they look out for your well-being. If you have a concerning symptom, it is your hope that they would check out all possible medical conditions and report back a detailed summary of their findings. Unfortunately, medical professionals can get distracted and make careless decisions that can drastically affect your health. There are certain medical conditions that must be treated right away and with the necessary medication and procedures before they get worse. Failure to provide the proper information about the patient’s condition could lead to serious harm and even death.

We have included a list of the five most common illnesses that often go unrecognized, resulting in a misdiagnosis:

  • Myocardial Infarction (commonly known as a heart attack)
  • Infection
  • Diseases in the cardiovascular system (heart disease, strokes, problems with arteries, etc)
  • Pulmonary embolism (blockage in the principal artery in the lungs)
  • Neoplasm (tumors that typically result in cancer)

In order for any patient to bring forth a claim of medical malpractice, they must always provide proof to pursue any legal recourse against their physician. There are three different factors that must be met for an individual to receive any form of compensation.

What constitutes as a claim for misdiagnosis?

As the first determining piece of any case of failed diagnosis, there must be a patient-doctor relationship when the misdiagnosis occurs. This simply means that the individual was seeing their particular physician and expected medical care in return. It is the responsibility of the doctor to recognize any suspicious symptoms and take the time to perform necessary tests for the health of their patient. Failure to list out all possible problems and give the proper information to their patient could result in a medical malpractice claim.

Additionally, the doctor’s actions must have reached a level that can be considered negligent behavior. If the medical professional in question did not take the adequate measures that would be expected of any other doctor or nurse, then it could be considered carelessness on their part. Often times this is the most difficult part of a misdiagnosis case to prove, but with the help of an attorney, there is a possibility that you can find the proof needed as they can hire other medical professionals to reveal how the situation should have been handled. Whether the doctor failed to record pertinent information about certain symptoms or simply did not react with the appropriate timeliness needed in more critical situations, negligence is never an option for a physician.

The patient pursuing litigation against their medical practitioner must also prove that significant injury or damage was caused as a result of the careless actions. Suffering and harm can come in a variety of ways including having to pay exorbitant medical bills, pain or discomfort, inability to work thereby losing wages, and a general loss of the individual’s quality of life. At our firm, we understand that an issue of malpractice can be greatly detrimental and even result in wrongful death. It is our goal to provide the legal assistance you need to receive the financial restitution that rightfully belongs to you.

What Our Tampa Medical Malpractice Attorneys Can Do

At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we understand the traumatic aftermath that can ensue after an issue of medical malpractice has greatly impacted you or your family. We know that compensation cannot take back the harm that has been done, but we do know that it may ease some of the burden. Allow our highly qualified legal team to assist you in negotiating with insurance providers and get you back on your feet. It is our desire to offer efficient and effective representation on your behalf because we know your future comfort and wellness is at stake.