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Tampa Slip & Fall Lawyer

Injuries Caused by Poorly Maintained Premises

Were you injured after you slipped, tripped, or fell because of a dangerous condition on someone's property? You may have a slip & fall injury claim.

Everybody falls sometimes, but there are cases when tripping and falling is not the result of clumsiness. Slip and fall claims are a type of premises liability lawsuit that accuses a property owner of negligently maintaining their premises. Poor property maintenance that results in dangerous conditions can create a hazard for anyone who walks by.

Examples of Slip, Trip & Fall Lawsuits

Any number of property hazards can constitute a slip & fall claim. Below are some examples of some common ones –

  • Defective Staircase - There are regulations for how staircases must be built and maintained. If the staircase is defective or missing any of the required safety elements and someone is injured because of that negligence, an injury claim can be filed.
  • Inadequate Lighting - Like staircases, there are regulations for what type of lighting should be used in public buildings and areas. Inadequate lighting often results in falls and subsequent injury lawsuits.
  • Uneven Surfaces - Cracked pavement, potholes, and other types of uneven surfaces present a walking hazard. When the entity or individual responsible for the walking surface fails to repair the hazard or warn passersby, this can be grounds for an injury claim.
  • Wet Surfaces - Spills, leaks, and adverse weather conditions can create wet or even icy walking surfaces. Like uneven surfaces, wet walking surfaces that are not fixed or cautioned against can be grounds for an injury claim.

Slip & Fall Accidents in the Workplace

The workplace is a common venue for slip, trip and fall accidents. This is particularly true for individuals who work in construction-related or industrial fields. Work accidents are often handled by way of workers' compensation claims. By accepting a workers' compensation claim, the employee foregoes their right to bring litigation against their employer.

Discuss Your Case with a Tampa Slip & Fall Attorney

Does your claim have merit? Find out! Robert Sparks Attorneys is here to discuss your case with you. Call us today for a free consultation. We will listen to the details of your case and determine if your trip & fall warrants a personal injury claim. Victims of negligence deserve justice and maximum compensation for their injuries. Our Tampa injury lawyers are here to help make that happen!

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