Truck Tire Blowouts

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It’s the responsibility of the truck driver and the trucking company to make sure that every part of their vehicles is in proper working order to prevent any catastrophic breakdowns part way through a journey. A key part to keeping an eye on are the truck’s tires – while they’re designed to last for hundreds of thousands of miles, the constant wear and tear from damaged roads, changes in temperature, etc. can cause them to burst unexpectedly if they aren’t properly looked after and maintained. When this happens, the truck driver could easily lose control of their vehicle and cause a catastrophic crash. These types of incidents are most common in the summer months, but that doesn’t mean the risk is completely gone the rest of the year.

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How Do Truck Tires Burst?

Though the companies that manufacture truck tires keep the specific details about how and when their products fail under wraps, they have released some information about the most common causes:

  • Overloaded VehiclesFederal regulations place weight limits on the carrying capacity of trucks in order to ensure that they don’t take on more cargo than they can handle and increase the risk of causing an accident. However, drivers and trucking companies may choose to push the limits of what is legally allowed in order to make for a more efficient trip. However, this puts additional stress on the vehicle and may lead to a serious crash.
  • Wear and Tear: Even though truck tires are among the most resilient tires available on the market, they still break down over time. If they are not constantly checked for damage and wear, they could burst while moving at highway speed and lead to an accident.
  • Underinflated Tires: Truck drivers cover thousands of miles every day, and the temperature could vary wildly from location to location. If the tires aren’t consistently checked, they could remain underinflated for an extended period of time, putting increased pressure on the internal components.
  • Overinflated Tires: Overinflation poses similar risks to the structural integrity of tires as underinflation. However, drivers may choose to overinflate their tires on purpose in an attempt to slightly increase the carrying capacity of their vehicle. The longer they are left overinflated, the more stress is put on the tire and its internal components.
  • Damaged Roads: Truck drivers cover thousands of miles every day, and not all of them are on well-maintained roads. While it’s unlikely for a single pothole to cause irreparable damage to a tire, the constant beating tires face will inevitably wear them down and make them more susceptible to catastrophic failure in the future.

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