Door Frame Cracks as an Indicator of Sinkholes

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Due to the sensationalism of the media, most of us imagine sinkholes as massive chasms in the ground that swallow buildings, vehicles and roads whole. Yet in reality, this is rarely how a scenario involving sinkhole development plays out. Unknown to many a home and commercial building owner in the central Florida area, the natural composition of the bedrock is leading to gradual erosion and the opening up of empty pockets beneath the ground itself. Certain telltale sinkhole warning signs begin to make themselves known, and among those signal instances are door frame cracks. Perhaps you were making a routine inspection or maybe you just happened to notice such an occurrence out of the corner of your eye. No matter the specifics, you should make no delay in contacting a Tampa sinkhole lawyer who can plot a successful and efficient course towards repair and compensation.

While door frame cracks are an unsightly affront upon your home’s appearance and potentially its value, as are the problems they create with the opening and closing of doors, they are also an indicator of issues which merit far greater concern. When a home or business’s foundation settles and is compromised due to sinkhole development, it can create structural stability issues that require costly repairs. Fortunately, state law mandates that insurers in Florida cover damage caused by sinkholes, from minor to severe. Your assets are protected; however it can take hard-nosed and aggressive action to receive the claim payout you deserve.

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