The Warning Signs of Sinkholes

What are the warnings signs?

Whether it be for our homes or businesses, we put a lot of time, emotion and resources into our property and real estate endeavors. These valuable and important assets can be damaged profoundly by the development of sinkholes beneath them. Should you notice signs of damage, your first calls should be to your insurance company and to a skilled Tampa sinkhole attorney who is fully committed to protecting your legal rights and best interests.

What exactly, then, are the visible warning signs of sinkhole development? Unlike the mental pictures that many of us conjure when we think about sinkholes, these dangerous erosions of the subterranean limestone rarely lead to total collapse. Instead, you should keep a keen eye towards such warning signs as:

  • Cracks around door and window frames
  • An increasing number of exposed tree roots on your property
  • Cracks in your foundation, walls, or swimming pool
  • Sagging fence posts, utility poles or trees, or loosening of the soil around them
  • Sloping floors
  • Problems closing doors or windows
  • Growth of depressions in the ground on your property
  • Separation of walls from the floor or ceiling

All of these signs may indicate that a sinkhole is developing under your home or business, and are not limited to cosmetic issues – they can lead to a building becoming uninhabitable. Sinkhole repair efforts such as grouting and underpinning should be undertaken without delay to prevent further damage.

Sinkhole Lawyer in Tampa

Robert Sparks Attorneys can go to immediate work on your behalf, pressing insurers to conduct thorough and unbiased studies and provide the benefits you are afforded under your insurance policy. With over 110 years of collective legal experience, our attorneys are intimately familiar with the law surrounding sinkhole claims and can provide aggressive counsel and access to the necessary resources to put your sinkhole crisis to an expedient end.

Put your trust in a team that is wholly dedicated to your success and best interests. Contact a Tampa sinkhole lawyer at the first warning signs of sinkhole development.