Home Damage Caused by Sinkholes

Sinkhole Lawyer in Tampa

A real danger for homeowners in Florida, sinkholes are responsible for countless damage claims each and every year. As acidic rainwater seeps into the limestone layer beneath the soil, many times unintentionally accelerated by groundwater diversion and other new construction efforts, underground erosion creates perilous problems at the surface. Your most valuable and important investment can be affected by all manner of damaging repercussions, leaving you wondering who is responsible for the high costs of sinkhole repair. As Florida law requires that all insurance policies issued in the state cover sinkhole damage, you do not have to be left holding the bag. A Tampa sinkhole lawyer can provide swift and strong counsel through each step of the claims process.

The list of possible damage that a sinkhole can cause to your home is surprisingly long. Unfortunately, many such damages can be easily overlooked and attributed to other factors such as the natural aging process of a house. As the ground sinks into the open space created by sinkhole development, your foundation can settle and crack, causing a myriad of subsequent issues such as wall cracksfloor cracksuneven floorsdoor frame crackswindow frame cracks, and hard to close windows and doors. Further shifting may compromise your plumbing system and roof, allowing water to leak into your walls or ceiling and creating damaging water stains. All of these issues not only lower the value of your home and make it difficult to sell, but they also can lead to the home becoming uninhabitable if repairs are left unattended.

Tampa Sinkhole Attorney

There are fewer headaches than can grow to such immense proportions as the damages caused to your home by a sinkhole. Second only is the difficulty of negotiating with an insurance company to receive the full repairs and financial compensation that you deserve. With the help of Robert Sparks Attorneys, well-versed in property damage law and committed to exemplary client care, you can mount a strong effort towards an expedient resolution to your claim.

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