Selling a Damaged Home

Tampa Sinkhole Attorney

The insurance claims surrounding a sinkhole damage claim can leave a person or property owner in a very difficult place. Though law requires insurance coverage for such damages, that assurance does not guarantee an easy or straightforward process. A course of action that many a person may be forced into is the sale of a damaged home or property. This can be a very complicated process and can also leave someone in a perilous financial position if not done with great care. Make sure to enlist the knowledgeable guidance of a Tampa sinkhole lawyer should you be looking to sell a home damaged by a sinkhole.

Sadly, many homeowners are still facing difficult choices even once a sinkhole claim has been resolved, or even worse, denied. What options are available? Has your property taken an immense hit to its value? As your biggest financial investment, it can be a terrifying ordeal if your home is affected by the label of “sinkhole property.” Insufficient or incomplete sinkhole repairs, no matter the underlying reason, can significantly devalue your home – and it is the law in Florida that any presence of sinkhole activity be disclosed when it is sold. Your attorney can not only ensure that the most reputable repair companies are contracted, but that your insurance company does not short your claim. Should sale of your damaged home be the only viable option, help is available from your legal team in obtaining reasonable and respected offers for the purchase of your property.

Sinkhole Lawyer in Tampa

We at Robert Sparks Attorneys understand the despair and concern you are experiencing if you are being faced with selling your damaged home. Not only an emotional place to be in, it is also potentially damaging to your future and livelihood. Our attorneys can put their extensive experience to work for you, navigating every possible course to a positive resolution. You can rest assured that our team is fully committed to finding the best possible solutions for you.

Undertaking the sale of a sinkhole-damaged home is unwise without the assistance of a skilled law firm. Contact a Tampa sinkhole attorney for help as soon as possible.