How a Sinkhole Forms

Important Data Regarding Sinkhole Development

It is likely that you have seen a news report or other stories in the media about the damages caused by a large sinkhole. Such visions are what we imagine, then, when we consider sinkholes – depressions or actual holes in the surface of the ground. Common in the central Florida area due to the nature of the topsoil and porous rock below it, sinkholes are actually more pervasive than you may think. Most of them are not gaping, visible holes but instead slowly developing – yet extremely serious – underground chasms which create many signs of damage at the surface. Should you believe your property to have been damaged by a sinkhole, be in immediate contact with a Tampa sinkhole lawyer for knowledgeable help.

Florida sits on top of a vast network of limestone. Due to the porous nature of this rock, it erodes, breaks and dissolves quite easily. Rainwater – certainly not an uncommon sight around the state – is an acidic substance. This water becomes even more acidic as it passes through the topsoil. As it reaches the limestone layer beneath, it begins to dissolve the rock and to create cavities and empty voids. Eventually, the limestone can shift or collapse into these open spaces, wreaking havoc upon whatever stands on the surface above. The development of sinkholes is exacerbated by building development, creation of ponds, the construction of roadways, and other surface changes that affect the load on the soil beneath them.

Sinkhole Lawyer in Tampa

Though you are protected under the law from the perils of sinkhole damages, insurance companies won’t exactly be lined up at your door, willing to pay for full repairs. Robert Sparks Attorneys is dedicated to providing quality, experienced legal advocacy for residents of Tampa and its surrounding areas. Many of our clients are in need of tenacious counsel surrounding their sinkhole damages and repair and we are committed to pursuing the compensation they deserve.

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