Life After a Sinkhole Claim

You bought your property years ago, however, recently you have begun to notice signs of sinkholes. This could mean that you are noticing cracks around your doors, that you are no longer able to easily close windows and could even mean that you have noticed that the fences around your house are starting to sag. Maybe you’ve noticed that tree roots throughout your yard are continuing to get exposed and that the pavement in your driveway is starting to show signs of cracking. So you filed a claim and it wasn’t denied – you’re getting the money you need to compensate for the damage. Now what?

Your Options After You File Your Sinkhole Claim

If you have successfully filed a sinkhole claim, it is important to realize that there are many different options that you will be able to pursue. One of the most popular homes is simple: you use the money to pay for the repairs that you need to make to your home. This can include grouting and jacking. Typically, this will be for more than just cosmetic repairs and will require the skill and time of an experienced company to come in, assess the damage and get your property back to optimum quality once more.

The other option, however, is to simply cut your losses and to sell your damaged home. This, while not an easy alternative, can be the better choice should it suit your individual needs. By working with an experienced sinkhole lawyer from our firm, you will be able to take the necessary steps towards making the sale as successful of a one as possible. It is important to realize that you will not simply be able to sell your home as you normally would – there are protocol that must be followed to ensure that the buyer knows what they are getting into and understands the home damage that they are buying into.

Life After Your Tampa, Florida Sinkhole Claim

At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we are not only here to help you with the beginning of your insurance claim. We are also here to help ensure that your claim is successfully set up to move you forward into the next chapter of your life. We therefore encourage you to consult with a Tampa sinkhole attorney from our legal team as soon as possible. The sooner that you get us involved, the faster that we will be able to evaluate your case and determine the best course of legal action. At our firm, we have proven through actions (not words) that we have a full-bodied understanding of this law. You can rest assured knowing that we will be there every step of the way to help you defend your legal rights.

Want to know what life will be like after you file? Contact a Tampa sinkhole attorney from our legal team as soon as possible to discuss your case and the situation that you’re facing.