How Sinkholes Lead to Uneven Floors

Sinkholes and Uneven Floors

Here in central Florida, we are plagued by a propensity for sinkhole development due to the naturally occurring geology of the area as well as a steady rise in the construction of new homes, buildings and roadways. As rainwater – which is no doubt plentiful in this part of the country – seeps down through the sandy topsoil and into the limestone below it, erosion occurs and cavities are opened up. Buildings and homes then settle, sometimes at an alarming and dangerous rate, as the ground literally sinks into these newly formed bedrock cavities. If you suspect such activity on your property, a Tampa sinkhole attorney can provide experienced legal counsel as you seek to recover compensation needed for sinkhole repair.

Perhaps a peril of true immediacy when it comes to sinkhole damages is that of uneven floors. As a foundation settles and sinks, not only are walls and doorways thrown out of balance and made liable to cracks, but foundations crack and floor joists sag. This then causes floors themselves to shift, creating a truly dangerous situation for both homeowners and commercial property managers. People can be hurt in an instant when a slip and fall or trip and fall accident occurs, leaving you open to a potentially grievous premises liability claim. Your home or building’s value will be negatively impacted. Immediate steps should be taken to right the cause of your uneven floors, which can be a very costly undertaking. Your attorney can help protect your physical and financial well-being through diligent claims efforts with your insurer.

Sinkhole Lawyer in Tampa

Though Florida residents are firmly protected under the law when it comes to their insurance company’s obligations to pay for sinkhole damages, this process can be frustrating and unnecessarily complex. We at Robert Sparks Attorneys understand the pressing nature of necessary repairs as well as your right to be made financially whole. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of counsel and personalized care to each person we represent.

Do not leave yourself open to the perils of sinkhole-related damages. Contact a Tampa sinkhole lawyer without delay.