Bad Faith Claims

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

Making an insurance claim for damage that was done to your home is hardly the smooth process it is described to be. More often than not, claimants are met with many difficulties in their attempts to complete the process with success. This is particularly evident by the number of claim denials that are made every year. Eager to increase their own profits, insurance agents can be incentivized to withhold money to the very claimants that need it the most. Invalid refusals and denials are often acts of insurance bad faith and they deserve to be taken to a legal professional who can work on the claimant’s behalf.

If you and your attorney can prove that an insurance company:

  1. Failed to stay true to the terms and conditions of your policy, and
  2. Acted without reason when they made their denial, you can justifiably take the matter to court claiming insurance bad faith.

Often, insurance companies will use any reason they can find to deny or cut short a claim that was made by the victim of a hurricane, flood, fire, etc. Their drive to do so is so strong in some cases that the simplest error made during the filing process may be used against you. When this is the case, you can and should take legal action and we are here to help in your efforts to do so.

Signs of Insurance Bad Faith

How can you be sure that your insurance company or agent is acting in bad faith? Without a thorough investigation, it can difficult to be certain, but here are five signs that could indicate bad faith.

  1. Your insurance company is not returning your calls
  2. Your insurance company is being pushy or trying to compel you to accept your settlement
  3. Your insurance company will not give you a valid reason for denying your claim
  4. Your insurance company dropped or changed your policy for invalid reasons
  5. Your insurance company offers a quick settlement or compels you to take the first offer

Contacting Robert Sparks Attorneys

Are you the victim of insurance bad faith? Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Contact a Tampa insurance claim lawyer at Robert Sparks Attorneys to discuss disputing your denied or lowballed claim. We are here to ensure that accident victims get the coverage to which they are entitled.