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The Many Faces of Sinkhole Damage

There are few situations that can escalate into a headache faster than sinkhole damage. Frustrations with insurance companies and developing structural issues can be enough to make you wonder if the problem will ever be resolved. With the help of a Tampa sinkhole attorney, you can make strong efforts towards successful insurance negotiations and getting your damage repaired expediently. There is no need to go this complicated road alone.

When a sinkhole opens up on your property, it can lead to structural collapse and other damage to things such as vehicles. These cases, though extremely unfortunate, are not always seen as “clear cut” by insurance companies. Signs of a developing sinkhole can produce stubbornness out of an insurance company to pay, as they may claim that the damage is related to other problems. These sinkhole signs include:

  • Foundation cracks or separation of a structure from the foundation
  • Cracks in walls, floors and around door or window frames
  • Cracks in pavement or in a pool area
  • Sagging or slanting trees or fencing
  • Pooling of water on your property

Insurers are ultimately concerned with their profit margin and will many times do all within their power to offer unfair and inadequate settlements or will attempt to repair damages in an insufficient manner. Before you make any final agreements with your insurance company, it is critical to procure skilled legal counsel to make sure your rights and interests are being protected fully.

Tampa Sinkhole Damage Lawyer

The team at Robert Sparks Attorneys is well prepared to assist you with resolution of your sinkhole damage. Our commitment to client care and personal service drives us and we want to expediently resolve your claim so that you can move ahead with your life and have peace of mind that insufficient repairs and settlements will not leave you in future peril.

Contact a Tampa sinkhole damage lawyer today to begin valuable legal work on your behalf.

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