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Are you nervous to file your sinkhole claim?

The damage that is done by sinkholes is something that should not be taken lightly. The damage that can b e substantial and can cause significant damage to the property, structure and the like. If you have begun to notice the warning signs of sinkholes, then you are likely already away of the damage that you are facing. Some of the most significant points of damage typically include, but are not limited to:

  • Cracks in the door, window frames and foundation;
  • Tree roots growing increasingly more exposed;
  • Fences, trees and utility pools beginning to "sag";
  • Difficulty closing all doors and/or windows; and
  • The walls beginning to separate from the floor and ceiling

If you have noticed these signs, it is not unlikely that you are currently considering filing a sinkhole claim. You, however, may not be ready to file because you are unsure about the value of your claim. Maybe you think that you only have cosmetic damage, maybe you think that your value will cause more frustration than it is worth. Regardless, you should not sit and suffer in silence.

Frivolous Insurance Claims: Debunking the Myth

In many cases, people will not pursue a claim because they believe that it will be deemed "frivolous." In a lot of these cases, the insurance company will use this term in an attempt to intimidate people into dropping the claim, essentially releasing them from the pressure of having to pay. Is it true that a frivolous claim will saddle you with half the cost of the investigation? Yes. Are frivolous claims common? Not at all.

A good rule of thumb is to think about whether or not you actually have good reason to believe that you have sustained serious property damage. If you believe strongly that your home is damaged due to a sinkhole, then you are not filing a frivolous claim. You are acting in good faith and attempting to right the wrong that you have suffered.

Representing Tampa Residents in Sinkhole Claims

When dealing with the legalities of a sinkhole claim, you need an attorney that focuses a great deal of attention on this area of the law. At the Robert Sparks Attorneys, we recognize how difficult it can be to attempt to file this type of claim and we are fully dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the high-quality representation that they truly deserve. Should you choose to work with a Tampa sinkhole claim attorney from our law firm, you will be able to rest assured knowing that we will go the distance in our efforts to helping you protect your legal rights and seek your just outcome.

Contact Robert Sparks Attorneys for help in filing a sinkhole claim.

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