Tampa divorce lawyers for pilots

Piloting an aircraft is a highly specialized skill and pilots are understandably compensated well for the high-risk jobs that they do. Unfortunately, when pilots are going through a divorce, that elevated net income can make reaching a settlement that much more complex.

Pilots will need to be wary of the potential for unfair treatment in divorce proceedings. They could also be taken advantage of when their difficult schedules cause them to miss negotiations and important meetings.

Pilots should count on skilled and dedicated legal representatives to protect their interests. Those two words describe the Tampa Divorce Lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys. We have extensive experience with divorce cases involving high-net-worth careers.

High Net Worth Concerns in a Divorce Involving a Pilot

When one spouse makes considerably more money than a partner, divorce settlement negotiations can quickly be skewed in favor of the person who earns the most money. Assets and even debt should be fairly distributed between both partners, but this fair treatment isn’t always automatic.

Pilots are paid well for their important work but they must routinely be away from home to follow their flight schedules. It’s during this time in the cockpit that pilots need a lawyer in their corners, working to make sure their concerns are safeguarded.

This is especially critical when children are involved in divorce proceedings. A difficult schedule shouldn’t affect a pilot’s right to see children and spend time with them. Pilots should talk to a Florida divorce attorney so they know about every option available before signing away their rights in an unfair settlement.

You can visit our page on the additional factors to consider in divorces involving high net worth for more information.

Special Considerations for Florida Pilots Going Through Divorce

Going through a divorce makes for a difficult time in anyone’s life. Pilots in Florida considering the breakup of marriage will also have additional, unique concerns to worry over.

They’ll want to know that decisions won’t be made for them while they are in the air or away in another country for work. Pilots will understandably want to avoid being penalized for their difficult careers and long hours. They shouldn’t have to face penalties simply for being well compensated for the sacrifices they make.

Robert Sparks Attorneys divorce representatives take decisive action to address these concerns and others for our clients:

  • Debt liability. We make sure debt is distributed correctly and that our clients aren’t saddled with debt that should be the responsibility of their partners.
  • Keeping a pilot’s financial information and sensitive company or corporation information confidential.
  • Protection from business liquidation when pilots own a share of their companies.
  • Negotiation of reasonable alimony payments for a dependent spouse.

A divorce involving someone who maintains a high-level, high-paying career could hinge on these concerns and others. Your Tampa Pilot Divorce Lawyer makes sure nothing is left to chance. Each one of your concerns will receive our full attention.

Tampa Child Support Divorce Lawyers for Pilots

Pilots are often forced to be away from their families for days and weeks at a time. That doesn’t mean they aren’t fantastic and committed parents. Their dedication to their profession shouldn’t mean they must forfeit rights to have custody of their children or fair visitation rights.

The wellbeing of children must be the highest priority in any divorce involving parents. But there are always fair and equitable ways to resolve disagreements. There are also Florida laws protecting the right of both parents during custody and child support negotiations. An experienced Tampa divorce attorney knows the statutes that apply to these proceedings and makes sure they are followed.

Pilots should never have to negotiate at a disadvantage simply because of their commitment to their careers and their desire to provide for their families.

With the income that pilots bring home, child support levels can also be unfairly decided. Partners can be awarded far more than they need to properly provide for a child. When it comes to deciding child support levels, our Tampa divorce lawyers verify that support is awarded and distributed correctly.

You can visit our informational page on child support in Florida and how Robert Sparks Attorneys can help pilots and anyone else navigate the confusing child support process.

Contact a Tampa Divorce Attorney Serving Pilots

Robert Sparks Tampa Divorce Attorneys are ready to take up this fight and defend the interests of our clients. We understand the concerns that are most critical to pilots and other travel professionals when navigating divorce in Florida.

Robert Sparks Attorneys stands by our clients through divorce negotiations and litigation while putting a priority on their wellbeing. We make sure pilots have what they need to rebuild their lives, retain their careers, and protect their relationships with their children.