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Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. With the right approach and the representation of an attorney experienced in the nuances of Florida’s divorce laws, you can be confident in the outcome of your case. At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we take these matters seriously.

We recognize the tremendous impact that decisions regarding custodysupport, and property division can have on your life, which is why we give these matters the weight and attention they deserve. Our Tampa divorce attorneys are here to guide you to the best possible outcome.


The responsibilities and schedules of doctors, nurses, and others in the healthcare field are demanding. It’s no secret that medical careers can be especially difficult on marriages and sometimes these challenges leave couples to consider divorce. Of course, physicians and medical workers can also reach the end of a marriage for many other common reasons that any couple might face.

The Tampa Divorce Lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys hope that you and your spouse can work things out. However, if you are a physician or nurse, our legal experts understand the unique concerns you’ll have when considering a divorce agreement.

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If you are considering divorce, an initial case evaluation with the team at Robert Sparks Attorneys provides you with vital information about the process ahead. Contact us to schedule a free and confidential consultation as soon as possible.

We can go over the steps as it applies to your unique situation as a Tampa doctor or nurse. This no-obligation divorce consultation ensures you are aware of your rights and have a thorough understanding of the court process.

Our experienced divorce attorneys utilize extensive knowledge of Florida divorce law to ensure our clients in the medical field receive fair treatment. We work hard to secure a positive outcome for our clients during such a difficult period in their lives.


Unique Challenges for Tampa Doctors and Nurses in Divorce

Doctors, surgeons, and other specialists work hard for every penny they bring home. They make tremendous sacrifices and shouldn’t be penalized for that in any divorce negotiation.

Doctors may own their own medical practices and have fears that their business may be sold off or divided in half. Nurses and physician’s assistants may have considerable retirement savings and want to protect their futures.

These are just some of the unique concerns that will be addressed by your Robert Sparks Attorney Divorce representative:

  • High net worth concerns. The elevated worth of income, savings, retirement plans, and property values play an important role in divorces involving physicians.
  • Debt concerns. How will debt be distributed?
  • Medical practice sensitive records and financial information confidentiality.
  • Medical practice protection from liquidation.
  • Negotiation of reasonable alimony payments for a dependent spouse
  • Child custody agreements that accommodate a medical professional’s time restraints and schedule.



A divorce involving someone in the medical field could hinge on these concerns and others. Your Tampa Physician Divorce Lawyer makes sure nothing is left to chance. Each one of your concerns will receive our full attention.

You can visit our page on the additional factors to consider in divorces involving high net worth for more information.

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Tampa Child Support Divorce Lawyers for Medical Workers

Unfortunately, even a friendly divorce will upend the lives of any children involved. The well-being of your children will be your first concern once a divorce is unavoidable.

Florida courts use a formula to calculate how much one spouse or both spouses will be ordered to provide. With the income that doctors and nurses can bring home, child support determination can be skewed unfairly towards someone with elevated income. Some spouses can be awarded far more than they need to properly provide for a child.

Our Tampa Child Support Lawyers back our clients 100% and oversee how child support is calculated. We verify that costs are distributed fairly.

The financial care provided to a child should be enough to offer stability in the best situation possible. However, a child support agreement should also be reasonably determined and be based on verified information from your spouse. It should never unfairly target one spouse or the other.

You can visit our informational page on child support in Florida and how Robert Sparks Attorneys can help doctors and nurses and anyone else navigate the confusing child support process.

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