Are Seniors Happier After They Get a Divorce?

Seniors considering divorce can be worried about what their lives will be like afterward. When assets and retirement funds are divided fairly, older Americans get the chance to embark on new lives that make them happier.

The decision to leave a long-term partnership can be a scary one. It’s an emotional choice that also involves many financial concerns, especially in a divorce involving older couples. Couples married for a while can build up substantial savings, property, and retirement plans. Sometimes those assets can be unfairly awarded to one spouse over another.

There’s less uncertainty for those going through a senior divorce when they trust a skilled Tampa Senior Divorce Lawyer. A lawyer helps protect seniors and their assets, so they come out of divorce proceedings with the resources they need to pursue more fulfilling lives through their golden years.

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Happiness After a Gray Divorce

More and more Florida senior citizens are turning to divorce to secure happier lives for themselves. Spouses in their retirement years sometimes seek to end a marriage, also known as a “gray divorce,” hoping to spend their next stage of life more satisfied with their relationships and their circumstances.

The National Library of Medicine finds that spouses aged 65+ are the only age group with a divorce rate on the uptick in the U.S. In recent years, about 36% of adults getting divorced are 50 years old or older.

One study published through ResearchGate found that people over 50 who get divorced do have a decent chance at happiness after a breakup. Researchers found that a divorcee’s happiness depended less on financial security and more on if the person sought to enter other relationships after a divorce and/or remarried. They discovered that when divorced couples had an adult child, their chances of enjoying divorced life went up.

The fact is, anyone can come out of a divorce to form new connections and create the life they’ve always wanted to live. That happiness isn’t dependent on finding someone else or even on staying close to other family members. Happiness looks different for different people, and a new, more pleasing life is within anyone’s reach.

Going through a divorce will be challenging, but in the aftermath, divorcees have a real chance to shape their life experiences to their liking.

Making Sure You Are Left Financially Secure After a Senior Divorce

Money can’t buy happiness, but for seniors coming out of a divorce, financial security can be a foundation from which to rebuild their lives into something more enjoyable. Making sure you secure your fair share of marital assets, retirement accounts, and property can relieve the worry over your financial wellbeing after a split from a partner.

This financial freedom can free up the recently divorced to pursue new relationships, to take on fun new challenges, and to shape the life they’ve wanted.

These goals are important for people enjoying their golden years, but it’s important to be cautious when negotiating a divorce settlement. Spouses need to make sure they are treated fairly through a divorce.

A long-term marriage may have resulted in considerable financial gain and personal property. These assets need to be split equitably, or else one partner’s start to a new life may be derailed by financial issues.

These are just some of the assets and concerns seniors going through a divorce will need to make sure are resolved fairly:

  • Retirement and pensions.
  • Income and spousal support.
  • Business assets.
  • Healthcare benefits.
  • Investments.
  • Division of debt.
  • Wills and trusts.
  • Ownership of a family home.

For more information on these important factors that play out in gray divorces, you can visit Robert Sparks Divorce Attorneys page on senior divorce.

Your Tampa Divorce Lawyer helps to make sure you are treated fairly when deciding how the assets and benefits above are assigned. Your Gray Divorce lawyer is a necessary safeguard so that you have a chance at happiness on the other side of divorce with the financial support you require.

Speak with a Tampa Senior Citizen Divorce Lawyer

If you live in the Tampa, Clearwater, or St. Petersburg area and are considering filing for divorce, it’s worth talking to a skilled local divorce attorney before you sign a single document.

Even when divorces later in life are friendly there are still pitfalls to avoid. A mistake at this stage of your life can have a huge effect on your retirement and your happiness. You deserve to have the support you need to rebuild your life into something that makes you excited to face each new day.

If you live in Tampa or the surrounding area, contact Robert Sparks Tampa Divorce Attorneys for a senior divorce consultation. It’s a no-risk opportunity to speak with our divorce attorneys and go over your options before you sign away important benefits in an unfair divorce settlement.