Tampa Divorce Lawyer for 2nd and 3rd Marriages

Tampa Divorce Lawyer for 2nd and 3rd Marriages

After a divorce, many people give marital bliss another try by walking down the aisle again. Plenty of second and third marriages lead to long-term happiness. However, another divorce is always possible and some statistics indicate that it becomes a more likely outcome each time people say “I do.”

People who have experience with multiple marriages may now be considerably older and will have unique concerns about their next divorce. They may have more assets to divide up and more complex family dynamics to protect. It’s critical that Tampa area residents going through a second or third divorce are protected by a skilled Tampa Divorce Lawyer with Robert Sparks Attorneys.

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If you are facing a divorce after a second marriage, you’ll understandably have a lot of questions about how to protect your assets and spare your family members as much stress as possible.

Schedule a free Florida divorce consultation with the Tampa divorce lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys. Our consultations are confidential and there’s no obligation to you or your family. It’s a no-risk way to discover what you can expect in a second or third divorce hearing and how to fight to keep what’s fair.

If you feel we can help you safeguard your rights and retain more of what you’ve worked so hard for, we stand ready to represent you. We earn fair treatment for our clients in mediated divorces, collaborative divorces, and contested divorces decided in court.

Second Divorce Statistics for Florida and the U.S.

The World Population Review finds that around 60% of all second marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. For third dissolutions of marriage and beyond, the divorce rate can reach 70% or more.

These statistics can be scary for Florida residents. Our state is known for its older population and that means plenty of people will have experienced marriage and divorce more than once. In fact, Florida’s divorce rate ranks in the top ten in the entire United States.

Many remarried couples end up beating the odds and spend their entire lives with someone they love. However, if another divorce is the outcome, spouses can have some unique challenges to overcome to protect what’s important to them.

It’s a good idea to have skilled legal counsel when navigating such complex divorce settlements. We fiercely protect our clients whether it’s their first or fourth divorce. Our Tampa Divorce Lawyers make sure our clients have what they require to move on with their lives, and even marry again if they so choose to.

Things to Consider When Going Through a 2nd Divorce or 3rd Divorce

Those who have gone through multiple divorces will likely be much older than someone applying for their first one.

Older couples will have had the time to save more money and build their retirement funds. Retirement plans and pensions would have to be fairly divided during the negotiations of a third divorce.

Someone who has been married multiple times could be part of several blended families. The wellbeing of several ex-spouses and children might hinge on how a second or third divorce is handled.

These financial and emotional complications will make a second divorce all the more challenging. In some cases, disputes over assets and child custody can derail divorce negotiations. Even when both parties generally agree, a sticking point on a single topic might delay a final agreement for months.

When an agreement can’t be reached, a Florida judge could end up making the final decision on who gets what. Someone without a skilled divorce lawyer on their side can end up losing the relationships and assets they’ve worked so hard for.

There are many factors that those going through a second divorce will have to monitor closely as they move to dissolve a marriage:

  • The division of savings.
  • The division of business assets and investments.
  • The division of retirement plans and pensions.
  • The division of debt.
  • The division of property, like the family home.
  • The awarding of spousal support.
  • The effect any previous divorce agreements have on what you can agree to now.

Your divorce lawyer with Robert Sparks Attorneys examines all assets and debts and fights to get those financial factors fairly allocated. 401K and pensions funds will be extremely difficult to value and divide. Your attorney monitors these funds closely to make sure you have what you need to feel secure in retirement after divorce.

For more on how divorce works for older residents, check out our informational page on Florida Senior Divorce.

Protecting Children in Florida Second Divorces

The financial concerns in a second or third divorce often take a back seat when children are involved. Their welfare must be the number one priority. That may mean making a strong push to get custody of children. Our attorneys partner with you to fight for what’s right in these matters.

The back and forth over child custody, visitation rights, and financial support can cause stress and friction for you and your children. Multiple parenting plans might have to account for several blended families. Your current divorce also affects the alimony and child support you provide to an ex-spouse and children.

These matters can end up in the hands of a judge. Without getting the full picture, judges can reach decisions that are very unfair to one party or another. It’s your divorce attorney’s duty to ensure a judge hears the full story behind your divorce and understands what’s at stake for you and other family members.

Your representative from Robert Sparks Attorneys stands with you through these sometimes difficult divorce proceedings and looks for ways to reduce the frustration for you and your children.

Speak with an Experienced Tampa Divorce Lawyer Before a Second Divorce

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful events of your life. It’s especially difficult when an attempt at a second or third marriage comes to an end.

It’s important to know that you don’t have to face divorce alone. With decades of collective experience, our Tampa divorce lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys have the knowledge of Florida divorce law you’ll need to fight for the best possible outcome in your divorce. We fight for our clients no matter how many times they’ve been married.

Learn more about what we can do to help you by contacting us and scheduling a free divorce consultation today. We protect those going through divorce in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Dade City, and the surrounding areas.