Tampa Divorce Lawyers for Dentists

Any individual facing divorce has to consider both their emotional stake in a marriage and their financial stake. For professionals who own a business or work in a highly-compensated field, their financial concerns will be even more pressing.

When dentists, especially those who own their own dental practices, are considering divorce, they will understandably have concerns about their business and their employees. Will they have to give up their practice? Will divorce proceedings expose sensitive business and medical information? Will they be treated unfairly in divorce negotiations simply because they’ve worked hard to earn a substantial salary?

The Tampa Divorce Lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys hope that you and your spouse can work things out and save your marriage. However, if you are a dentist, our legal experts understand the unique concerns you’ll have if you are forced to enter into the divorce process. We stand ready to make sure your practice and your life’s passion are protected.

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We can go over the options as they apply to your unique situation as a Tampa dentist or if you work in the dental field. This no-obligation divorce consultation ensures you are aware of your rights and have a thorough understanding of the court process involved.

Our experienced divorce attorneys utilize extensive knowledge of Florida divorce law to ensure our clients in the dental field receive fair treatment. We work hard to secure a positive outcome for all family members involved in a divorce during such a difficult period in their lives.

Divorce Worries for Dentists in Florida

In divorces where one partner works in a highly-compensated career, such as in the dental field, figuring out a fair way to divide assets and savings can be challenging. Unfortunately, if left to chance, it’s generally the spouse that makes the most money that gets the worst treatment in divorce proceedings.

Disputes about how monthly income from a dental business, savings, retirement plans, property, inheritance, and even debt is distributed should be solved equitably. Reaching decisions on child custody and visitation rights must also be decided justly with the rights of both partners and the needs of every member of the family in mind.

Those in dentistry and those who run their own dental practice will want to monitor divorce proceedings closely. Yet their busy schedules and their responsibilities to their patients can make that difficult. That’s why talking to a skilled Tampa divorce attorney is an important step for those in dental careers. Robert Sparks Tampa Divorce Attorneys can represent your interests even if your duties to your patients make it impossible to attend divorce negotiations.

Unique Challenges for Dentists Going Through Divorce

Dentists will have made a lot of sacrifices in order to build a successful dental practice, and their hard work shouldn’t be penalized in a divorce hearing.

As a marriage unravels, the spouse that earns the most money is often unfairly punished in a divorce settlement. This shouldn’t be the case, and Robert Sparks Attorneys works hard to negotiate divorce agreements that don’t unfairly harm a dentist’s livelihood or business interests.

Divorces involving a dentist can involve special business and privacy concerns as well as other unique details to work out:

  • Debt concerns. Divorce is rarely just about dividing up savings and assets. There is often substantial debt to share. Someone in a high-income career such as a dentist shouldn’t have to automatically take on all debt built up over the course of a marriage. Robert Sparks Divorce Attorneys stays on top of this issue throughout negotiations to make sure debt is distributed correctly.
  • Keeping a dental practice’s sensitive records and financial information confidential.
  • Protection from business liquidation. A dentist risks having a practice sold off or divided in an unfair divorce settlement.
  • Negotiation of reasonable alimony payments for a dependent spouse.

For more information, you can visit our page on the additional factors to consider in divorces involving high net worth.

Child Custody and Visitation in a Dentist Divorce Settlement

Dentists work hard and maintain long hours. They make tremendous sacrifices for their families as they get a dental practice off the ground and shouldn’t be penalized for that in any divorce negotiation.

That goes for any decisions made about the custody of children and visitation rights. Those choosing dental careers can struggle to balance job concerns, providing for their families, and spending time with their families. But those difficulties are taken on for the benefit of all family members.

Dentists going through a divorce should never have to worry that they won’t be considered for child custody simply because of their work obligations. And they should be provided with visitation schedules that factor in a parent’s many work obligations when running a dental practice.

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