Tampa Divorce Lawyers For CEOs

Divorce is challenging for Tampa couples and families, no matter the circumstances. And careers with elevated earnings and a lot of responsibility can make divorce settlements even more complex. In some cases, being a high-ranking officer in a corporation may leave you more vulnerable to unfair treatment in divorce proceedings. If you are a CEO, executive director, or vice-president of any business, there are unique concerns you should be aware of. The Tampa Divorce Lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys have experience with divorce cases involving high-net-worth careers. It’s important that you speak with a skilled Tampa CEO divorce attorney before allowing your spouse and your spouse’s lawyer to decide what’s fair.

High Net Worth Divorce Concerns for CEOs

One or both partners involved in a Tampa divorce may earn considerable salaries for the important roles they serve at a local or national company or corporation. The division of savings and property fairly and to the satisfaction of both parties is the goal in any divorce, but a divorce settlement agreement is not always so easily reached. Disputes about how savings, retirement plans, property values, inheritance, and even debt should be solved equitably. Decisions of child custody and visitation rights must also be decided justly with the rights of both partners and the needs of every member of the family in mind. Sometimes CEOs and other high-level company employees are taken advantage of in divorce proceedings. They can seemingly be punished for the financial gains and possessions their hard work has earned them. In some cases, prominent business professionals must fight for fair treatment. Robert Sparks Tampa Divorce Attorneys are ready to take up this fight and defend the interests of our clients. We know the concerns that are most critical to CEOs and other business professionals when navigating divorce in Florida.

Unique Challenges for CEOs in a Tampa Divorce

CEOs and other top-level executives work hard and maintain long hours. They make tremendous sacrifices for their families and shouldn’t be penalized for that in any divorce negotiation. But personal concerns and economic concerns aren’t the only worries CEOs confront as they go through a divorce. Robert Sparks Attorneys divorce representatives address these concerns and others for our clients:
  • Debt concerns. Making sure debt is distributed correctly and that our clients aren’t saddled with debt that belongs solely to a spouse.
  • Keeping a company’s or corporation’s sensitive records and financial information confidential.
  • Protection from business liquidation.
  • Negotiation of reasonable alimony payments for a dependent spouse.
A divorce involving someone who manages the course of a major business could hinge on these concerns and others. Your Tampa CEO Divorce Lawyer makes sure nothing is left to chance. Each one of your concerns will receive our full attention. You can visit our page on the additional factors to consider in divorces involving high net worth for more information.

Tampa Child Support Divorce Lawyers for Business Professionals

A divorce can upend the lives of your children. Their well-being should be a priority in any divorce agreement. But both partners should share the emotional and financial responsibility of caring for children. Business professionals should never have to worry about getting to spend adequate time with their children. Robert Sparks Attorneys ensures that our clients receive proper custody or part-time custody of children according to their rights under Florida law. With the income that high-level company employees can earn, child support levels can be unfairly decided. Some spouses can be awarded far more than they need to properly provide for a child. Clients shouldn’t be unjustly burdened while their partners are allowed to provide less than their share. Our Tampa divorce lawyers verify that support is awarded and distributed correctly. You can visit our informational page on child support in Florida and how Robert Sparks Attorneys can help doctors and nurses and anyone else navigate the confusing child support process.

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If you are a CEO or hold any other high-ranking position in your company and would like to discuss your options when considering a divorce, contact us today. Robert Sparks Attorneys has decades of experience and has been rated “Best Law Firms” by US News. We have the background and skill necessary to secure an optimal outcome for business professionals who are going through a divorce in the Tampa area. Robert Sparks Attorneys guides our clients through divorce litigation while putting a priority on their wellbeing. We make sure our clients have what they need to rebuild their lives, retain their careers, and protect their relationships with their children.