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Robert Sparks Attorneys aggressively protects St. Petersburg area residents who are going through divorces. When a divorce involves one or two high-net-worth partners, the stakes can be even higher and the mistakes more costly when negotiating the terms of a breakup. Our skilled divorce lawyers can make sure the assets you’ve worked so hard for remain protected. Schedule a divorce consultation with our attorneys to make sure you don’t end up giving away more than you should.

Protecting Your Income and Savings During a High-Net-Worth Divorce

In an ideal divorce proceeding, both partners would receive their fair share of marital property and other assets. Both partners would come away with everything they need to rebuild their lives. But when one partner has an elevated income, the right formula for a fair divorce agreement becomes harder to find.

Many professionals with high-paying jobs like careers in the medical field or in the corporate world could feel vulnerable when navigating divorce. They can feel like they have to give up and provide any amount of spousal support the other partner requests. That’s not true. These divorces can be more complex, but that doesn’t mean a reasonable compromise can’t be reached.

If a Florida judge will be deciding how your assets are divvied up, the judge will be encouraged to find an “equitable” way to split up earnings, investments, and even debt. Unfortunately, equitable doesn’t mean 50/50. Judges will have a lot of leeway in how your marriage property is divided. If they don’t hear the full story, it’s easy for a judge to get this decision wrong.

You’ll want a St. Petersburg Divorce Lawyer with experience in the courtroom and who knows how to present your side of things effectively. Before you sign off on any pre-divorce agreement or give your consent to any divorce agreement, talk to Robert Sparks Divorce Attorneys. You may feel that your elevated yearly salary leaves you with no power in a divorce, but with a skilled lawyer protecting your interests, you don’t have to forfeit your rights.

Unique Concerns for Spouses in High-Income

High-wage earners can’t be blamed for worrying about how they’ll emerge from divorce proceedings. They may have accumulated wealth through hard work and dedication over many years. Some people may not have had this wealth their whole lives. Their wealth may have only materialized as they approached retirement age and prepared for life as a senior citizen.

No matter where they are in life, high-income Florida residents faced with divorce can worry they’ll lose it all. It’s true that when people going through a split don’t have a proper legal ally, the legal team for their partners can get away with unfair treatment and a lot of unreasonable requests.

High-income professionals will have many details they’ll need to get right in a divorce hearing  They’ll have concerns that may not be factors in other types of divorces.

These are just a few of the challenges Robert Sparks St. Petersburg Divorce Attorneys can help our clients handle:

  • Additional Assets and Investments. The negotiations often become complex and highly contested when savings, investments, and property hang in the balance. You’ll need a skilled attorney at your side through every step to make sure you come out of divorce proceedings with your fair share of your contributions.
  • Business concerns. If you own a company, you shouldn’t have to give up your livelihood or liquidate a business to satisfy the unreasonable demands of a partner. The security of sensitive business details should be protected during divorce negotiations.
  • Debt concerns. High-net-worth spouses can also carry a lot of debt. The other spouse may have accumulated more debt than wealth. Debt should be divided fairly and any Florida judge should get all the facts about how it was acquired.
  • Navigation of Prenuptial Agreements. These types of agreements can be misinterpreted and skewed in one person’s favor. You’ll need a safeguard to make sure the intentions of the document are carried out correctly.
  • Negotiation of reasonable alimony payments for a dependent spouse.
  • Sorting out retirement and pensions. High-net-worth clients will need to protect the money they’ve set aside for retirement. You’ll want to retain the support needed to maintain the comfortable life you’ve planned for. Robert Sparks Attorneys will be at your side fighting to protect your retirement savings.
  • Wills and trusts will need to be rewritten.

How Can I Ensure I Remain a Part of My Child’s Life After a High-Net-Worth Divorce?

People with high-level jobs must often work long hours and be away from home for longer than they’d like. This commitment shouldn’t mean they have to forfeit custody of their children simply because they are working so hard to provide for them. Their careers should never decide how much time they are allowed to spend with their children in the aftermath of a divorce.

In a divorce, the wellbeing of children must be put over any financial concerns. Our St. Petersburg Divorce Lawyers secure a fair agreement that works for every member of the family and not just one parent or another.

Partners with high-paying jobs should never have to give up their time spent with their children simply because of their work schedules. Both spouses should remain a part of a child’s life, just as both spouses should be responsible for the financial needs of the child. Our attorneys understand this important balance and make sure our clients have their assets and their time with their loved ones protected.

Your attorney also makes sure that if child support is necessary, it’s assessed fairly and that the needs of the children remain the priority. You can visit our informational page on child support in Florida and how Robert Sparks Attorneys can help high-salaried employees and anyone else navigate the confusing child support process.

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