Tampa High Income Divorce Lawyers

Partners in a marriage can work hard on their careers and relationship yet still face a difficult divorce. The time spent securing a top-paying career or building a successful company from the ground up could make divorce negotiations even trickier than expected
When one partner makes more money than the other, that partner can receive unfair treatment. Those with high-paying roles or extensive assets must seek the help of a skilled Tampa Divorce Lawyer.
Robert Sparks Tampa Divorce Attorneys is ready to take up this fight and defend the interests of our clients. We understand your concerns and can help high-income earners secure fair divorce agreements.

High Income Divorce Concerns for Tampa Residents

When couples reach the point of divorce, emotions are running high. Discussions over asset allocation, division of debt, and custody agreements can be challenging. Yet there are always fair methods to settle a divorce dispute so both parties can rebuild their lives
Florida divorce laws work to provide a fair resolution, even when one partner makes more money than the other. You may feel that your elevated salary might leave you with no options in a divorce, but with a skilled lawyer protecting your interests, you don’t have to give up your rights.
A high-wage earner may resign to losing well over half of their income and assets. They may fear losing a company they own and watching as their children move far from the Tampa area. These concerns are understandable, but there are state laws protecting their rights. A skilled Tampa divorce attorney can make an impact in the outcome of a divorce agreement.

Concerns During Tampa Divorces Involving High Income Partners

Those with high-paying jobs and a lot of responsibility on their shoulders can face huge commitments in time and attention. These demands from a challenging profession can get painted in a negative light. 
Sometimes, a spouse portrays the dedicated professional as neglectful. This is usually an unfair characterization, that aims to punish you for your hard work.
To safeguard your interests, turn to Robert Sparks Tampa Divorce Attorneys. Our attorneys know how to address these concerns and other potential issues you may not have considered.
  • The fair division of savings, property, investments, and monthly income. 
  • Overseeing the division of debt.
  • Fair distribution of retirement plans. 
  • Keeping a business’s sensitive information confidential throughout divorce proceedings.
  • Protection from business liquidation. 
  • Negotiation of reasonable alimony payments for a dependent spouse.
For more information, you can visit our page on the factors to consider in divorces involving high net worth.

Tampa Child Support Divorce Lawyers for High-Income Divorces

Divorce is especially tough on the smallest members of a family going through a divorce. If you have children, they will be the most critical factors in your decisions as you navigate a divorce.
A high-earning partner shouldn’t face losing contact with children because they went out into the world every day to provide for the family.
Business professionals shouldn’t worry about spending adequate time with their children. Robert Sparks Attorneys ensures custody or fair visitation rights.
With a high-level income, reaching a consensus on child support amounts is often tricky. Spouses may receive far more than they need to adequately provide for a child. Our Tampa divorce and child custody lawyers ensure a fair agreement to benefit the children
Visit our informational page on child support in Florida and how Robert Sparks Attorneys can help high-salaried employees and anyone else navigate the confusing child support process.

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If you are in a high-paying career and are considering divorce, discussing your options with a skilled legal professional is a good idea. You can contact us today for a free consultation. 
Robert Sparks Attorneys has decades of local experience with a rating of “Best Law Firm” by US News. We have the experience to secure an optimal outcome for business professionals who are going through a divorce in the Tampa area.
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