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Family Law goes beyond the right to compensation, assets, and possessions. Family law involves the most important things in your life. A marriage, children, and your emotional well-being are often at stake when family matters are decided in court or with the help of lawyers.

That’s why Robert Sparks Attorneys of Dade City takes family law so very seriously. The rest of your life and the rest of your family’s lives can be decided by judges and lawyers who don’t always have your best interests at heart. But Robert Sparks Family Law Attorneys stand beside you to ensure you are treated fairly and compassionately. Our skilled legal professionals see that your rights under Florida law are respected.

We recognize that decisions regarding divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, and the division of assets and debt can change your life in drastic ways. We also know that the victims of domestic abuse and child abuse need compassionate care and strong safeguards in order to rebuild their lives. Our Dade City family law attorneys are here to guide you to the best possible outcome for your peace of mind.

We Help Families Get Serious Results in Matters of Family Law

When you work with our Dade City family law attorneys, you’ll quickly find that you can depend on us to provide objective and informed guidance based on your unique situation. We take the time to listen to and understand your needs, your concerns, and your goals.

It’s time to get serious. Learn more about your divorce and family law rights by calling (813) 336-3348 or contacting us online.

We handle all types of Family Law matters in Dade City, including:

Divorce Attorney Services in Dade City

Couples build up a surprising amount of assets, debt, and mutual possessions even over the course of a short marriage.  The decisions that have to be made on who gets what can be overwhelming. Factoring in a hostile partner unwilling to amicably work things out only multiplies the level of frustration divorce can bring.

Our Dade City Divorce Lawyers assist you in finding solutions to the potential sticking points that tend to prolong divorces. If a collaborative and amicable divorce is possible, we facilitate the easiest resolution to your divorce that’s available. But you can also count on Robert Sparks Attorneys to provide strong legal safeguards if a spouse decides to treat you unfairly. We are aggressive on behalf of our clients and make sure they receive equitable treatment under Florida Law.

We help clients who are serving in the military in Florida and going through a divorce. We vigorously defend those with a high net worth from divorce settlements that go too far. We assist doctors and other lawyers when they require strong representation to protect their practices during liquidation and are sometimes penalized in child custody hearings for their demanding schedules. Contact Robert Sparks Attorneys for a free and confidential divorce consultation in Dade City.

Dade City Alimony Lawyers

For divorce clients who have worked and sacrificed to build successful businesses or careers, it’s understandable that they’d worry about having to lose nearly everything when a spouse demands well beyond a fair amount.

Through a lawyer, a partner may demand more than 50% of the assets in a marriage, while also seeking to receive a substantial monthly alimony check. These demands are often vindictive in nature and have nothing to do with fairness.

The experienced alimony lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys push back on inequitable demands and work to force partners to accept more reasonable compensation.

Years down the road, alimony support levels could also need adjustment. As circumstances in each of your lives evolve, a change in a spousal support agreement could be necessary. Our skilled attorneys are ready to re-negotiate terms to your benefit.

Dade City Child Custody and Parental Relocation Lawyers

Any divorce involving children must put the care and welfare of the child first. The Family Law Lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys believe your children are served best by having you in their lives as much as possible.

Fighting for custody of your children and assuring their wellbeing can add another level of complexity to an already challenging divorce process.  Child support, child custody, and visitation agreements will have to be reached. Remember that any settlement you sign now will affect your ability to see your children and take part in their lives for years down the road.  Having strong legal representation now is the best way to ensure your rights aren’t permanently affected.

When one parent is considering making a move out of Dade City or out of Florida, a new agreement will need to be reached. It’s critical that parents have effective legal counsel to make sure a new arrangement doesn’t unfairly affect children and parents.

Dade City Paternity Lawyer

When settling child custody and child support cases, paternity may become a critical issue. The rights and responsibilities of a father may hinge on the results of a paternity test. Some of these rights and responsibilities include the legal obligation to pay child support, coordinating with the child’s mother in a joint custody agreement, sole custody, visitation agreements, and more.

Having a powerful representative from Robert Sparks Attorneys at your side during testing, no matter the outcome will help you reach a fair resolution to custody and support questions. The divorce and custody agreements you sign now will have far-reaching effects and you should have the best legal counsel at your side each step of the way.

Dade City Domestic Violence Attorneys

Contentious disagreements over divorce, child custody, and asset allocation far too often lead to physical violence and threats. Once you’ve alerted Florida law enforcement about harm or the threat of harm to you or a family member, talk with our dedicated Dade City Domestic Abuse Lawyers. We work with the court system to obtain a Florida “order of protection” to safeguard you and your family.

Any family law agreement becomes that much more complex with the tragic involvement of domestic violence. A divorce hearing and custody battle change dramatically when the risk of harm to your family members has to be factored in. At Robert Sparks Attorneys we understand the critical nature of resolving the dissolution of marriage while providing complete protection to spouses and children when domestic violence is involved.

Our attorneys will stand by your side and demand the safest outcome for you and your family. We also ensure that the enforcement of court orders is carried out to keep you and your family absolutely safe. Please consult with Robert Sparks Attorneys to secure physical and legal protection.

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Disagreements involving family law can seem like questions without answers. But there are solutions to be had and a skilled Dade City family law attorney can help you secure a path to a fair resolution to any legal issue your family faces. At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we tailor our legal counsel to each client and case and their unique circumstances.

From negotiating the division of assets in an amicable divorce to fighting for a parent’s custody rights in court, we deliver the serious, uncompromising counsel that helps us secure outcomes that meet far more than immediate needs – they pave the way for your future. If you’re seeking legal advice regarding the divorce or dissolution of marriage, schedule a free family law consultation.