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Dade City residents can trust Robert Sparks Attorneys for legal support no matter what life throws your way. Whether you have recently been injured in a car accident, are facing a complex divorce, or need someone your can depend on with your wills and trusts, we are here for you. Robert Sparks Attorneys will treat you with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring your best interest is served every step of the way.

Dade City Personal Injury Lawyers

After an injury accident in Dade City, you need a lawyer who has your best interest at heart. Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible, often leaving victims to cover many of their own recovery costs.

According to Florida law, insurance companies are obligated to pay for the complete cost of recovery after an accident when the victim was not at fault. 

Robert Sparks Attorneys in Dade City will fight to ensure you and your family are protected and receive the highest injury settlement possible as you recover from your accident.

Robert Sparks Personal Injury Settlements

Dade City Divorce Lawyers

When you face a divorce,  you deserve to have the fiercest divorce lawyer in Dade City diligently fighting for you and your children. Our dedicated team of divorce lawyers understands how stressful and overwhelming divorces can be for families in Dade City.

Robert Sparks Attorneys will stand by you as your advocate, knowing that the legal decisions made now will have an impact on your well-being for years to come.

Dade City Wills and Trusts

When it comes to your legacy, few things are as important to get right as the documentation of your wills and trusts. That’s why Dade City residents turn to Robert Sparks Attorneys to draft their wills and trust documents.

Robert Sparks Attorneys helps families plan for the long-term management of their estates, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, etc. We also provide legal support in administrating and settling estates after a loved one passes.

Whether you are planning your legacy or seeking assistance with the probate process, our team of compassionate professionals will help you and your family.

Dade City Premises Liability Lawyers

Property owners have a duty of care to ensure that all guests stay safe during their visit. This means that all grocery stores, shopkeepers, big box stores, and even homeowners have a responsibility to keep their properties reasonably free from dangerous hazards. 

Unfortunately, many stores don’t take proper care of their premises which can lead to dangerous trips, slips, and falling objects that injure Dade City residents.

When this happens, injured victims are entitled to a large enough settlement to cover their full recovery.