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People love the small-town atmosphere in Dade City, but unfortunately, there are still some big-city hazards to watch out for here. Traffic gets busy and careless drivers are capable of causing frightening collisions. Local stores can put profits over the safety of their customers and leave them vulnerable to slip-and-fall injuries.

Injury victims in Dade City will quickly wonder if they can afford the best care available and if they’ll receive any financial help from at-fault parties. Insurance companies want to limit the support victims and their families receive, but Robert Sparks Attorneys is your shield against this unfair treatment.

Whether your case requires a knowledgeable attorney at the settlement table, or a skilled litigator in the courtroom, our Dade City personal injury lawyers have been there – and they’ve scored powerful victories for our clients. We help clients get the most out of their injury claims so they don’t end up losing their savings paying for medical care over an accident they didn’t cause.

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Dade City makes for the perfect small-town getaway with its great restaurants and interesting local craft and antique shops. But there are also plenty of people who reside in and around Dade City who leave their homes every day to go to work, take their kids to school, run errands, or grab a bite to eat.

As we go about our busy lives, we can forget about the dangers that threaten our safety and the safety of our loved ones. A reckless driver may run a red light on Meridian Avenue and smash into your vehicle. A grocery store owner may leave a puddle out that sends you down to the floor to suffer a head injury. A careless dog owner may cause you to get bitten while you’re out for a jog around Naomi Jones Pyacantha Park.

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You Don’t Pay Unless We Win Your Case

When you work with the team at Robert Sparks Attorneys, you don’t pay unless we win.

People often shy away from hiring a personal injury lawyer because they assume a lawyer will be too expensive or that they won’t earn a bigger settlement. 

However, Robert Sparks Attorneys works on a contingency fee basis. This means that you do not pay us any up-front costs. You only pay us if we can secure a settlement for you. Then, our fees will be computed as a percentage of your recovery. So when you win big, we all win together.

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Florida Personal Injury Duty of Care

Florida’s legal “duty of care” extends to everyone in the state, from homeowners to business owners, and motorists. This duty means that people must act with reasonable caution to protect the safety of those around them.

A driver must check mirrors and blindspots and not go so fast that they lose control and cause a collision. Store owners and employers in Dade City must keep their places of business free of hazards that could harm their customers or employees. Doctors and nurses must act to preserve the wellbeing of patients.

When this legal duty is neglected, those found at fault are held financially liable for the harm they cause victims. A claim for damages is filed against insurance providers, allowing victims to demand compensation. A skilled Dade City lawyer like those with Robert Sparks Attorneys ensures that victims are treated fairly and that the amount written on a settlement check matches the hardships a victim and a victim’s family have endured.

What to Do After a Dade City Personal Injury Accident

After an accident or any careless mistake that puts you in danger, our attorneys use strong investigative skills to secure every piece of evidence available. A powerful case, backed with proof, makes it much harder for insurance adjusters to question your claim and attempt to deny support.

If possible, victims should collect proof of negligence on the scene of an accident. This evidence will likely disappear once an accident site has been cleared and cleaned up. If you are left strong enough after your accident, secure these important details:

  • Call 911 if you need medical attention. Get checked out by paramedics. Go to an emergency room if necessary.
  • Alert authorities. After a traffic accident, have Dade City police officers or the Florida Highway Patrol respond to the scene. Give them a full report of what you observed so they can write up an accurate collision report. After an injury at a place of business or on someone’s property, alert managers or owners so they can create an incident report.
  • Take pictures. Use your phone to gather photographic evidence. After a workplace accident, take photos of the hazard that injured you. After a car accident, take photos of the damaged vehicles and traffic signs and markings. After a slip-and-fall at a business or residential property, take pictures of the obstacle that caused you to slip or trip. Get pictures of any visible injuries.
  • Talk to witnesses and get contact information.
  • Avoid making statements. Stick to basic information. Don’t discuss who was at fault or how badly you may be hurt. Insurance companies can use these hastily made statements to try to deny your injury claim.
  • Look around the scene and note the presence of any surveillance cameras nearby. Jot down addresses so your Dade City personal injury lawyer can secure the footage.
  • Schedule an appointment with your physician. In the days that follow, get a check-up and have all injuries documented. Follow the doctor’s instructions. See any specialists recommended to you and go to physical therapy.

What Type of Damages Will Earn Compensation After a Dade City Accident?

Robert Sparks Attorneys works to get every hardship you face as a victim listed and documented in your injury claim. This is an important step because anything not included won’t factor into the settlement you receive. You lose money when you don’t inform insurance adjusters of every damage you’ve endured.

These are just a few of the factors that will determine the size of your insurance settlement check:

  • Support for all hospital and rehabilitation bills, including estimates on care expected to be necessary for the future.
  • Estimated costs of a permanent physical disability. An insurance company would provide support to victims of a life-long injury over a lifetime.
  • Support for the physical pain endured in an accident and during a difficult recovery.
  • Emotional trauma suffered. The anxiety and stress experienced after a frightening accident. Depression arising during recovery. Compensation for a loss of enjoyment of life as a victim of a serious injury must give up hobbies and loses the ability to participate in family activities.
  • Compensation for the wages and benefits lost while missing valuable time at work while healing.
  • Support for damage or destruction of property.
  • Wrongful Death Benefits. Families who have lost a loved one in a Dade City accident may seek support through a wrongful death claim. This claim would demand assistance with funeral costs and leftover medical bills. It would also seek support to protect the family in the future when they’ll be without the guidance and financial support the victim can no longer provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Two years. Florida allows victims a two-year statute of limitations on cases. However, waiting years to take action will mean evidence is much harder to secure and witnesses will be harder to keep track of. Call a lawyer immediately.

You don’t need any upfront money. Robert Sparks Attorneys works on a contingency basis. It means we don’t get paid unless we win your case. Our attorney fee would come out of the settlement money we earn for you.

No. Offer only basic information. Decline to give recorded statements over the phone. Insurance adjusters hope you’ll say something they can twist to use against you later. Refer them to your lawyer.

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Large insurance companies have teams of lawyers who get paid to limit the compensation victims and their families receive. At Robert Sparks Attorneys, our team of seasoned personal injury lawyers in Tampa and Dade City has extensive experience beating insurance providers at the negotiating table and in courtrooms. We secure the maximum in compensation for our clients.

We’re serious about personal injury litigation, and our results prove it. For more information and a free consultation with one of our Dade City personal injury attorneys, call (813) 606-5050 or contact us online.