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Jackknife Truck Accidents in Florida

Tampa Truck Accident Attorney

Jackknifing happens when the trailer of a truck moves out from behind the cab into a perpendicular position. This usually occurs when a truck driver slams on his or her brakes – the cab of the truck slows down, but the momentum of the truck's trailer continues to propel it forward. Sadly, due to the length of trailer beds, other vehicle on the road get caught in the crossfire. In jackknifing accidents, truck trailers can swing across multiple lanes of traffic, causing severe accidents.

Did this happen to you? While some accidents are not preventable, many are avoidable. Truck drivers must always remain alert and attentive to traffic patterns. When they are not, they may have to slam on their brakes, which is a leading cause of jackknifing accidents. Another potential cause is improperly loaded trucks. If trucks are not loaded properly, cargo can shift and throw the trailer off balance.

If you or someone you love was involved in a serious collision with a truck, such as a jackknife accident, contact us today.

Preventing Trailer Swing

The mechanics and technology of modern commercial tractor-trailers should be sufficient to help truckers avoid jackknife accidents.

These devices include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Shortened trailer lengths
  • Electronic distribution technology

These devices are helpful, but cannot completely make up for a trucker's negligence or careless driving. If these systems fail and cause an accident, victims may be able to sue the trucking company that is responsible for the vehicle's maintenance. In other cases, these accidents are purely the fault of the driver.

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