Florida Divorce with Children with Special Needs

Florida Divorce with Children with Special Needs

Special needs children can have trouble processing many of the emotions that are stirred up during a difficult divorce. They may struggle with the inevitable change that a divorce will bring.

Parents will want to shield children from conflict and hardships during divorce. That’s especially true when a child deals with challenges like autism, learning disabilities, or other disabilities such as blindness or Down syndrome.

Parents will want compassionate legal representation throughout the divorce process that considers the wellbeing of every young family member involved. Tampa’s Robert Sparks Divorce Attorneys can help you and your family members navigate divorce while keeping the focus on the unique requirements of a special needs child.

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Concerns for Divorcing Parents with Special Needs Children

Parents going through a divorce will have many decisions to work through. Unfortunately, if they can’t reach an agreement, a Florida judge could be the one deciding who gets to keep what assets and property.

Judges can also be asked to decide where children will reside and how often they’ll visit the other parent. It’s not always an ideal solution to have the courts choose a child’s destination, especially a special needs child. A child with a disability like autism, dyslexia, or communication disorders will do best with a fixed routine and in environments they are familiar with.

Having an aggressive divorce lawyer on your side can help you seek an outcome that will be best for you and your special needs child. A skilled Tampa divorce attorney will negotiate with your spouse and your spouse’s lawyer to seek the best outcome for the needs of the child. Your lawyer also stands up for you in court and makes sure a judge has all the information necessary to make the right decision in a child custody hearing.

These are just a few of the important concerns divorcing parents with special needs children will have to consider:

  • Parents must make sure proper medical and therapeutic care isn’t interrupted.
  • Parents must keep special education and other services unchanged where possible.
  • They should decide who will take children to school and doctor’s appointments.
  • They must decide who will get physical custody of the child (which can involve visitation rights) and who will get legal custody. Legal custody decides who is involved in making decisions for the child.
  • They must sort out how the financial needs of a special needs child be met.
  • They must decide if one spouse will pay child support and marital support.
  • Parents should decide how the support of the child will be handled when they become adults.
  • Parents must make sure the emotional needs and support of a child are never compromised.

It’s critical that these questions be answered during your divorce negotiations. You are sure to have important goals for yourself and your special needs child in the outcome of a divorce. Robert Sparks Divorce Attorneys will get aggressive on your behalf and make sure you and your child won’t have any financial worries as you start a new life after a divorce.

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