Recovering Attorney’s Fees

Affording Your Tampa Divorce Lawyer

Not only can a divorce be an extremely emotional and difficult time for everyone involved, it can also be very draining financially, especially if one spouse has much more financial stability than the other. While it is crucial to have a skilled divorce attorney guide you through the process and ensure your best interest are protected, it can seem very intimidating to think about the legal costs of everything. What if you simply don’t have enough money to retain the qualified counsel your case deserves?

Though an attorney’s fees are ultimately the responsibility of the client who retained them, Florida does have a specific statute in place that allows trial judges to order one spouse to pay for some or all of the other spouse’s attorney’s fees. Call our firm if you want to learn more!

Why Is this Statute Important?

Unfortunately, divorce can be a very costly process. In cases where both couples can’t come to agreement on a majority of the issues involved, legal fees can begin to add up. Thankfully, Florida has put this law in place to help protect the disadvantaged spouse throughout the divorce.

This ensures that:

  • Both sides have equal representation
  • The spouse with more resources isn’t favored
  • Each individual is given counsel by a qualified lawyer
  • The side with fewer resources doesn’t have to worry about legal fees

If one spouse were allowed to use all their resources to obtain the best representation possible while the other was left with little to no money for securing a lawyer, it could result in an extremely unfair ruling or settlement. By allowing both spouses to have the necessary legal representation, it ensures the case is handled as fairly as possible and each side has a chance to speak their mind and protect their interests.

Who Can Get Financial Recovery for Attorney’s Fees?

This financial award is given based on need. For example, if you and your spouse have an equal financial opportunity to hire legal representation, neither party is likely to receive any compensation for attorney’s fees. However, there are many cases when one spouse makes a great deal more than the other, especially when the other spouse was solely caring for the home or for the family.

When there is a significant need present, the court is much more likely to order the spouse with the greater income to cover the attorney’s fees of the other spouse. The amount of fees covered will depend on the specific details of the case. If you have questions about whether or not you could recover attorney’s fees, speak with one of our Tampa divorce lawyers. We are experienced in family law and can help you determine the best course of legal action in your situation.

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