Suing Your Spouse for Negligent or Intentional Acts

We all know that if someone harms you intentionally, or even by a negligent but unintentional act, you can sue that person in Florida personal injury court for damages.  Most people think that it is impossible to sue your own spouse for these types of things.  That is, however, not true.

In a Florida divorce where your spouse has caused you physical or emotional injury by physical abuse, has transmitted to you a sexual disease, has defamed you and thus caused damage to your professional reputation or in some other way caused you harm that would be the subject of a lawsuit if you were not married, you can add a complaint to your Florida divorce to seek money from your spouse for the wrong.

If you have been the victim of one of these harms, you need to speak with an expert Tampa divorce lawyer about the possibility of pursuing your claim to get a full financial recovery from your spouse.