Florida Divorce with Teen Children

Florida Divorce with Teen Children

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences of someone’s life. Adults can struggle with the change and the potential for conflict between family members. And parents amid a divorce are right to have special concerns about the wellbeing of their teenage children. They’ll be far less equipped to handle such a difficult and emotional period.

Parents will want compassionate legal representation that considers the wellbeing of every young family member. Robert Sparks Divorce Attorneys can help you and your family members navigate divorce and emerge from it in a better situation.

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Protecting Your Teenagers During Florida Divorce Negotiations

The teen years are difficult for many reasons. Teenagers are striving to mature emotionally and physically. It’s a true struggle as they grow into adulthood.

It’s a time when a disruption to their normal lives, like their parents getting a divorce, can have serious consequences. But there are ways to soften the blow of a marital break-up so that children can cope with their feelings and adapt to their new lives.

  • Shield your child from conflict. Try not to put down the other parent in front of the teen. This can confuse teens and make their relationships with you and your ex-spouse even more complicated and stress-inducing.
  • Make sure your teenager understands that they didn’t cause the divorce.
  • Stay involved with teens, even though their reaction may be to isolate and withdraw from you.
  • Do your best to keep school and life schedules as normal as possible.
  • Assure children that they will always have a room and a place to live. Assure them that they’ll still be provided for and loved.
  • Let your teen know that mixed emotions are to be expected and are okay. Your teen may feel sad, hurt, angry, and relieved. Let them know that you are feeling some of the same things.
  • Listen to your teenager. Allow your teenager to voice all concerns. Then do your best to reassure them.
  • Seek the help of counselors for both you and your child. If talking to a counselor can help you keep your anger towards a spouse in check or help you remain a stabilizing force in the household, your teenager will benefit.

Even before a divorce goes final, teens may be bouncing between two households and having their lives split in half. Hopefully, you’ll have a supportive spouse who will also help explain difficult topics and enforce parental rules. Unfortunately, one spouse is often trying their best while another spouse may be ignoring their parental duties throughout a divorce.

Your Robert Sparks Divorce Attorney doesn’t just work for you. Your lawyer is also there to make sure your children come through a divorce with as little disruption to their lives as possible. Let us fight to earn your family the financial wellbeing necessary to rebuild your lives and get things back to as normal as possible. This allows you to focus on your stability and the stability of your teenagers’ lives.

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