Trauma Support During Divorce in Tampa, Florida

Trauma Support During Divorce in Tampa, Florida

Divorce can leave you feeling powerless and stressed, no matter the circumstances of your divorce and how you and your spouse came to the decision. If you are going through a divorce in Tampa, you may be struggling to deal with feelings of grief, confusion, and anger. Trauma support can be vital to you, your spouse, your children, or anybody else adversely impacted by divorce.

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How Trauma Can Impact You During Divorce

As you navigate the divorce process, the trauma feelings that you experience will likely intensify. You may feel some of the following:

  • Feelings of grief, shame, and depression
  • Feeling helpless and powerless about things
  • A lack of sleep or nightmares
  • Not being able to stop thinking about the divorce
  • Not being able to focus on daily tasks

You may experience the following symptoms on a variety of levels:

Physical Symptoms: Physical symptoms of trauma can manifest themselves differently based on the individual. They can include sleeping too much or not getting enough sleep, a suffering appetite, reacting to small noises or things in your periphery, or being incredibly jumpy.

Mental Symptoms: You may experience mental issues due to the trauma of divorce such as experiencing flashbacks and painful memories, constantly playing out conversations, and becoming overstimulated. This can affect your work and everyday activities that you once enjoyed before the divorce. 

Emotional Symptoms: You may experience depression, anxiety, and stress during your divorce. It is not uncommon for those going through a divorce to lose interest in hobbies they enjoyed at some point or feel shame when they are doing certain things on their own.

Relationship Symptoms: Your relationships during divorce may start to suffer. You may not be able to maintain friendships or be prone to outbursts. It is a good idea to reach out to friends and family when necessary but to also maintain healthy boundaries during these difficult times.

Why a Divorce Can Be Psychologically Traumatizing

Divorce can be psychologically traumatizing due to any number of reasons. Here are some of the biggest reasons for psychological trauma to individuals during the divorce process:

  • Experiencing a sudden divorce that comes on suddenly and causes you shock
  • Enduring a stressful divorce that lasts too long or involves draining situations
  • Being intimidated by your spouse if abuse was involved
  • Being forced to revisit past negative experiences during your divorce

On top of the effect that a divorce can have on you and your spouse, your child may also be experiencing trauma due to a divorce. A child’s home life is turned upside-down in the blink of an eye due to a divorce, and children are sometimes left in a position where they feel as if they must choose sides with their parents. This is why it is crucial that all parties involved in a divorce feel as if they have adequate support during this daunting process.

Receiving Necessary Trauma Support During a Tampa Divorce

Trauma in divorce can be extremely devastating and cannot always be avoided depending on the circumstances of your case. By considering the different methods of divorce, you may be able to choose a process that is much kinder to you and your spouse on an emotional level. Here are some ways that you can deal with and minimize the trauma associated with divorce overall:

  • File for an uncontested divorce in situations where you are able to
  • Go through divorce mediation to work things out without all the stress
  • Seek counseling for you or your entire family, when necessary
  • Commit yourself to a healing process that works for you

It is important to always take care of yourself when you endure major changes in your life. This sometimes include divorce if you are going to endure the process. If you believe that you are experiencing psychological trauma caused by your divorce, it is important to seek professional help as soon as possible.

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