Statistics Confirm Dangerous Driving in Florida

Statistics Confirm Dangerous Driving in Florida

Most Floridians believe that our state is home to some of the worst driving in the country, and two recent traffic studies appear to confirm this sentiment.

Deadly driving. Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns reduced the amount of traffic on the roads in 2020; however, some drivers viewed this lull as an opportunity to speed and drive even more aggressively. The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) recently reported that while the number of overall vehicle collisions was down in 2020, the collisions were deadlier. FHP reported 3,300 traffic fatalities in 2020, which is more than in 2018 and more than in 2019. FHP also reported a 70% increase in the amount of speeding citations issued to drivers going more than 100 mph.

Pedestrian fatalities. According to a recent study by Smart Growth America, the Tampa Bay area is home to three of the top ten deadliest areas for pedestrians. Sarasota / Bradenton ranked sixth, Tampa / St. Petersburg ranked eighth, and Lakeland / Winterhaven ranked ninth. In response to this growing problem, the “Vision Zero” program in Tampa promotes the need for more crosswalks and roundabouts, and the “Complete Streets” program in St. Petersburg intends to add 190 additional crosswalks to the city’s infrastructure.

These kinds of statistics confirm what our eyes and ears already tell us about dangerous and distracted driving in Florida. In addition to exercising defensive driving, biking with helmets, and promoting awareness, Florida drivers should make sure they have uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage on their auto policies, and they should get serious about which law firm they will call if they are injured in any type of motor vehicle collision.

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