Robert Sparks Attorneys Files Suit Over Slip & Fall at Grocery Store

Robert Sparks Attorneys Files Suit Over Slip & Fall at Grocery Store

Our team at Robert Sparks Attorneys has a filed a lawsuit against Save-A-Lot grocery store for their refusal to accept their responsibility, and the damages they caused, as a result of a slip and fall incident that occurred inside their store.

The suit alleges the grocery store chain was negligent in the store’s operation by leaving a dangerous substance on the floor, failing to properly staff and manage their store, as well as their failure to warn their patrons of the dangerous hazard.

Slip and fall accidents are common at grocery stores given the nature of the products and services provided, and the flooring used for their operations. These floors become hazardous when liquid or other substances are allowed to build up, creating a slippery surface, which is not detectable to the grocery customer.

The lawsuit was necessary when the defendant refused to accept their liability or pay full and fair damages to our client for her injuries.

As a result of the slip and fall, our client suffered a torn rotator cuff which required our client undergo surgery, in addition to other injuries to her neck and back. The lawsuit is seeking damages related to these medical expenses, the need for future medical care, as well as claims for pain and suffering.