Product Liability

Injured By a Defective or Dangerous Product? We Can Help!

When you purchase yourself a new appliance or gift the latest piece of technology to your kids, you expect the product to perform adequately and safely. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. When products are improperly constructed or poorly planned, they may end up causing you or your family serious harm. Defective or dangerous products might malfunction while at rest or during use, which can lead to painful or serious injuries. If you or someone you love was injured by a dangerous or defective product, our firm can help.

Product Liability Basics

Consumers have a right to expect for the products they purchase to contain adequate safety measures or warnings of any potential dangers. If a product is unnecessarily hazardous or was created with any type of error, it could cause the consumer serious injury. Depending on the type of injury that occurs, the defect could have been caused by some type of mistake made during either the design process, the manufacturing of the product, or the marketing.

Design Problems

A product can be dangerously designed if the designer fails to observe safety laws and regulations when creating the product. If this happens, the item in question could be inherently dangerous.

Faulty Manufacturing

In other cases, the design of the product may have been safe and effective, but the actual production of the item could have been flawed. If the manufacturer fails to follow the design properly, or if some dangerous chemical gets into the product or the materials are incorrect, the process could yield a potentially harmful or unpredictable product.

Marketing Mistakes

Even if a product has a safe design and is properly constructed, it could still wind up hurting unsuspecting consumers. During the marketing process, and potential or foreseen hazards must be stated to the consumer. Additionally, the marketing must be clear about how the product is to be used and how it is not to be used. In simple terms, each product must contain clear instructions for use and should be properly labeled.

Understanding Your Legal Options

Whether you were injured by defective vehicle airbags, a faulty e-cigarette, a toxic child’s toy, or any other type of product, you need to take immediate action to discuss your options with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Defective products can cause serious harm not only to you or your household but to the countless other consumers who also have access to the dangerous product. In order to seek justice and compensation for your injuries, make sure you understand your legal rights.

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