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Underride Truck Accident Lawyer in Tampa

Underride accidents are generally the most serious of all truck accidents. Many victims are killed instantly, and those that survive may experience catastrophic physical trauma that leads to brain damage, spinal cord injuries, and other severe injuries. At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we recognize just how serious an underride accident may be.

We strive to provide the level of legal representation that enables victims of these accidents with the greatest opportunity at justice and maximum financial compensation. A reliable attorney at our firm can talk to you about your options and legal rights in the wake of an underride accident. Because we are so familiar with truck accident claims and are not afraid of going up against trucking companies, we are confident in our ability to assist you.

How Underride Accidents Occur

An underride accident occurs when a car or other vehicle collides with a large truck and actually becomes pinned underneath the trailer. A majority of these accidents are the result of rear-end collisions where the smaller vehicle becomes trapped underneath the back of the truck. These accidents are possible because of the height and clearance underneath a tractor-trailer. In some cases, the roof of the smaller vehicle may cave in or may be sheared off completely.

Statistics have established that underrides kill approximately 1,000 people annually and all of them are car occupants. Further, the deadly nature of these accidents is illustrated by the fact that only about 2% of the drivers who are involved in underride collisions survive.

In hopes of improving these deadly statistics, the National Highway Transportation Safety Act required that all trucks made after 1998 implement safety precautions by adding rear and side underguards. Even with the new safeguards, drivers should still remain cautious of semi-trucks, as there are still millions of trucks on the roadway who are not subject to the underguard requirement and because the underguard safeguards can still fail.

Retaining Help from an AV® Rated Firm

If you or someone you love was injured in an underride accident with a large commercial vehicle, make sure you act quickly to discuss your case with an attorney. You may be facing exorbitant medical expenses or may be dealing with the traumatic loss of a loved one. A competent lawyer can offer support and guidance in this difficult time.

Contact our firm today to discuss your underride accident claim.

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