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Dangerous Lane Changes

Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer in Tampa, Florida

Have you ever been in a situation where a large truck suddenly shifted into your lane, forcing you to take evasive action to avoid a truck accident? Were you in such a situation and were unable to avoid a collision? A Tampa truck accident lawyer at Robert Sparks Attorneys may be able to help you. Our firm represents victims of truck-involved collisions, offering experienced and compassionate guidance when they need it most.

Unsafe lane changes are one of the potential causes of truck accidents. Commercial trucks, with their large size and weight, can easily force other vehicles off the road or even cause them to become crushed and dragged underneath their trailers. Take an accident that occurred on an Arizona freeway in 2007, where a veteran driver in a semi-truck carrying hazardous chemicals changed lanes, directly into the path of a sedan carrying a mother, father and their 15-month-old son. The sedan became jammed underneath the trailer of the big rig and was dragged nearly 800 feet before the truck came to a stop. Chemicals began leaking from the trailer and ignited, causing serious burns to the mother and son. The mother was able to unbuckle her son and push him out the window of the sedan before she began to try to get out herself. The entire family survived, but was left with physical and emotional scars that are not likely to fade anytime soon.

That is just one example of the truly serious nature of a truck accident and how a careless lane change can cause such a collision. In this case, the truck driver was later cited for an unsafe lane change. Commercial trucks have far larger blind spots than other vehicles and are more difficult to maneuver, but this does not excuse careless lane changes by truck drivers, who are specially trained and licensed in operating commercial vehicles. Truck drivers should know how to safely and properly change lanes.

What causes unsafe lane changes?

Some potential causes of unsafe lane change collisions involving large trucks include:

In any of these scenarios, occupants of other vehicles in the trucks' way may pay the ultimate price.

Talk to a Tampa Truck Accident Attorney

If a truck driver is distracted or simply careless and changes lanes without checking mirrors and blind spots, he or she may cause a serious underride accident, may crush a vehicle against a median or guardrail, may spur a multi-vehicle collision or may run another vehicle off the road. In any of these scenarios, occupants of the other vehicles may be at a great risk of injury or death – far greater than the trucker.

If you want to talk about your right to compensation and how to hold a negligent truck driver accountable for unsafely changing lanes, call our firm. We can listen to your story, answer your questions and offer insight that applies to your unique situation. This can help you make the right choices about your case and how to proceed. Because you may be dealing with extremely expensive medical bills and difficulty making ends meet while you are injured and unable to work, taking legal action to pursue maximum compensation is in your best interests.

Take this opportunity to seek justice and pursue the money that will help you rebuild your life. Contact our firm today and undergo a free consultation with a knowledgeable professional who will place your interests first.

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