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Tampa Sinkhole Attorney

You may have heard about the incredible damage that a sinkhole can do to your property, home and commercial buildings. Perhaps you have even experienced firsthand the nightmare that recovering insurance claim payments can be. Yet many do not understand what a sinkhole actually is. They are naturally occurring features to the geology of many parts of the country, especially central Florida, eastern Tennessee and several other key areas. Caused when rainwater erodes the permeable limestone layer beneath a sandy topsoil, sinkholes create perilous scenarios where the ground and whatever materials are on top of them collapse into these underlying cavities where bedrock once existed. Should you experience such an event or the sinkhole warning signs that point to their development, make no delay in contacting a Tampa sinkhole lawyer for assistance.

Sinkhole formation has been accelerated over the last three decades as developers and homesteaders have removed natural groundwater, constructed manmade ponds and lakes, and diverted water on the surface. The acid inherent within all rainwater then slowly dissolves the limestone layer - sometimes further compromised by these human activities - until nothing but a hole exists beneath the topsoil. As one can imagine, the end result is a collapse of the ground and a lot of headaches for property owners as foundations crack, houses shift, and other damaging destruction is wrought.

Sinkhole Lawyer in Tampa

When you are negatively impacted by a sinkhole, you need the trusted guidance of a law firm that has a deep understanding of the laws and procedures related to such tragic events. Comprised of a team with over 110 years of collective experience, Robert Sparks Attorneys is committed to providing outstanding counsel and the extensive resources necessary to pursue a sinkhole claim with tenacity and diligence. We want to ensure that a strong advocacy towards the recovery of fair and full damages is provided to each client we represent.

Contact a Tampa sinkhole attorney today to find out more about how a skilled legal firm can assist you.

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