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Insurance policies are not simple in regards to sinkhole claims. It, however, is important to realize that almost every homeowner's insurance in the state of Florida will carry sinkhole coverage as a part. The problem, however, is that should a sinkhole occur, you can find that it is difficult to get a renewal of this coverage or could even find that they have difficulty trying to get the insurance coverage at all.

Sinkhole Insurance Coverage: Understanding the Problems

It is not ethical for an insurance company to deny someone coverage simply because they experienced a sinkhole and filed a claim. This, however, does not mean that once you experience a sinkhole on your property that you will not run into any issues ever again. In fact, depending on the cost of the damages, you could find that they have legal grounds to deny a renewal. For example, say you file a claim for a sinkhole that is valued at $75,000 and you have homeowner's insurance that is valued at $100,000. When it comes around the time to renew your claim, they will not be able to deny you.

If, however, the damages of your sinkhole claim were over the value of the insurance (say, for instance, that the damages were valued at $150,000), the insurance company would legally be able to deny you a new policy. It is also important to realize that some companies are no longer selling coverage to certain areas. The areas that are seen as "trouble areas" include a one mile radius around a pre-existing sinkhole, sometimes spreading to five miles. This can be problematic as the Tampa, Florida area is known for this type of damage and it is not a completely rare occurrence.

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We at Robert Sparks Attorneys have extensive experience in handling sinkhole-related insurance claims. Over the years, we have proven that we can be trusted to handle even the most complex of cases and know that the outcome will have a large bearing on your ability to proceed in the future. Should you choose to work with our legal team, you will be able to be confident knowing that we will stop at nothing in our efforts to provide our clients with the high-quality representation that is needed to ensure that the claims process proceeds as painlessly and effectively as possible. We know that you cannot afford to have the claim denied and we will therefore do everything that we can to help you avoid this potential outcome.

If you would like to learn more about sinkhole insurance coverage or if you would like to discuss your case, please do not hesitate to contact a Tampa sinkhole claim attorney from our firm today.

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